5 Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Oven

Your oven probably takes a beating day in and day out. It is the workhorse of your establishment, and if not cared for properly will breakdown at the worst possible moment. Ovens are prone to accumulating food particles, grease, and other debris. This doesn’t just affect the performance of your oven, but can also affect the flavor of the foods cooked in it and increases the risk of smoke and fire. Performing proper cleaning on a routine basis can help alleviate these issues. Here are a few tips from Fast Fix LLC to help you get your oven in tip-top shape!

Schedule Daily Oven Cleanings

Industrial kitchens are busy places, and skipping a daily cleaning may seem like no big deal, but it can lead to significant problems. Commit to cleaning your industrial oven’s interior at least once a day, set a time, and reinforce the importance of following through.

Control Crumbs

It doesn’t take long for crumbs to accumulate in a commercial oven. However, if they are left unchecked, they can become a big issue. They can affect the flavor of your foods, and even cause smoke and fires. You can easily avoid this by clearing away all food and debris from the interior of your oven.

Remove the Racks

You probably already see that food debris accumulates on oven racks. You can clean these separately by removing them from the oven and bunking them in soapy hot water. If the grim is especially stubborn, you can use a scouring pad or wire brush.

Wipe the Walls with Warm Water

Once you have the racks removed, you can wipe down the inside of the oven and the doors. You can use a damp towel, and if it’s well-maintained, you may not even require an oven cleaner!

Manage Spills & Boil-Overs Immediately

No matter how often you clean the inside of your commercial oven, that is no match for a spill. Taking care of spills as soon as possible ensures that your oven’s performance throughout the day is on target. It also spares you the more challenging task of cleaning up messes at the end of the day.

Cleaning Your Industrial Oven

It may not be at the top of your list, but it should be! After cleaning your oven, regular kitchen appliance maintenance in Mid-Missouri is a must. Make sure that your oven is on a schedule for maintenance and repairs, as this can be vital to the smooth operation of your kitchen. Visit our website to learn more about commercial kitchen maintenance in Mid-Missouri, and how Fast Fix LLC can be the call that does it all!

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