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5 Reasons To Sign Up for Routine Kitchen Maintenance

Your kitchen is one of the biggest investments in your restaurant. The equipment inside it can value at well over several thousand of dollars, and honestly, without it, you would have a hard time providing the food that your guests love. This means that it’s important to keep these pieces of commercial kitchen equipment in good working order by performing regular maintenance to them. Here are a few reasons why you need kitchen maintenance, and how the team at Fast Fix LLC can assist. Prevent Breakdowns Did you know that if your commercial kitchen is serviced on a regular basis, it’s easier for a professional to spot the small problems before they turn into the big issues? This can save your restaurant money on repair costs, but also business losses as well. It probably isn’t lost on you, but if your commercial cooking equipment in Mid-Missouri breaks down, you will not be able to provide food for your customers until it’s either repaired or replaced. Maintenance Can Help Yo

Creating a Low-Waste Restaurant

The phrases “eco-friendly”, “zero-waste”, and “low-plastic” are being thrown around a lot lately. Some people are so passionate about saving the planet that they are calling others to a new level of sustainability, while others are trying to run their businesses, supply product that everyone will like, and find it difficult to jump on the new bandwagon. If you are a Missouri restaurant who wants to help reduce waste, while also not driving your bottom line to the bottom of the barrel - here are a few tips and ways you can improve your waste output. Food Waste The fact is, restaurants will go through a LOT of food - and that generally creates food waste. This can be waste from prepping the food, and it can involve waste from guests who leave food behind. Studies are showing that the restaurant industry alone generates about 11.4 million tons of food waste (out of the 63 million tons total). This is mind-boggling, but there are ways to reduce these numbers. Other restaurants are d

Five-Star Appetizers for Your Restaurant, Part 2

We featured some delicious and fun appetizers on our blog a couple of weeks ago, and we still have more to share! In part 1, we talked about trends that include octopus, cauliflower, vegan, and Asian influences. If you want to go back and check out those trends, you can read it here: Five-Star Appetizers for Your Restaurant. Apps are an easy way to try out new flavors and textures. You can see how well they go over, and then decide if it warrants a test on the main course spot. Here area few more that your Mid-Missouri restaurant may want to try out. The Wing Thing Did you know that 44% of menus feature wings, and the number is still growing? There are obvious restaurants who focus on wings primarily, and any good sports bar is going to have at least a few choices - however, they don’t have to be limited! Wings are fun to eat and serve as a wonderful vessel for many different sauces and flavors. Play around with the sweetness, the spicy tones, and come up with something signatu

Common Breakdowns in the Kitchen

Kitchen equipment breaking down in the middle of a busy day or night is the last thing that restaurant owners or managers want to happen. Avoid the nightmare of broken appliances and call Fast Fix LLC to help prevent and quickly repair kitchen equipment  breakdowns. Here are 5 pieces of equipment that commonly breakdown in kitchens and reasons why they may have broken down.  Walk-In Refrigerators Arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen, refrigerators are essential to storing food and keeping it fresh. There are multiple different reasons that your refrigerator could be acting up. These include lack of power due to a blown fuse or tripped breaker, too high of a temperature, a leak, and issues with ice buildup either in the drain or the entire unit. To protect your restaurant’s most important items (food), make sure to keep your refrigerator well-maintained.  Exhaust and Ventilation Fans A kitchen can get hot and smoky fast when an exhaust or