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Restaurant Food Trends for 2019

Every once in a while, it’s nice to revamp your restaurant menu and start offering something new and trendy. Of course, sometimes, in those cases, you have to purchase new equipment to meet the new requirements. Here are a few predicted trends for 2019 in the restaurant menu world. Don’t forget that Fast Fix LLC can be a great connection for purchasing new restaurant equipment in Missouri ! Globally Inspired Foods People are becoming more and more educated in other varieties of food, whether this is through more opportunities to travel or just seeing foods from around the world on television. With that, you’ll find that more and more restaurants are including globally sintered dishes on their menu. This can be for any meal, though it’s becoming incredibly popular for breakfast. Latin American cooking has experienced a recent influx, as people are more and more open to the flavors of places like Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Old-School French techniques are also experiencing an influx, a

Preparing Your Restaurant for Valentine's Day

The restaurant industry gets just enough of a break after Christmas and then it's back on to business as Valentine’s Day comes up. The lover’s holiday is on a Thursday this year so you may find higher reservation’s the weened after, but you may also still get some foot traffic the weekend before as well. As you and your team get ready for the busy days, here are a few ways you can get your Missouri restaurant ready and how Fast Fix LLC can help! Rearrange Your Dining Area Because Valentine’s Day is primarily celebrated by couples, this is a great time to rearrange your dining area. Break up the larger tables, get intimate tables of two planned out, and make the most of your space. Most reservations will be in the evening, so make sure to come up with a plan that will give you the best possible chance for optimum bookings. Whether this means you stagger your reservations, or set up designated seating hours, do make sure you allow for plenty of lengthy date times while plann

7 Reasons You NEED a Make Up Air Unit

If you have a restaurant in the Missouri area , and you don’t know what a make up air unit is, we can help. Your make up air unit for your kitchen adds replacement air for what’s being drawn out of the kitchen by your exhaust hoods. These units will pull air into your space from the outdoors and it conditions it to the indoor temperature. Here are seven reasons that your St. Louis restaurant needs a make up air unit, and how Fast Fix LLC can help. Unpleasant Odors A make up air unit gives you the option to better control the airflow in your kitchen. Which also allows you to direct cooking odors away from where your customers are trying to enjoy their meal. This in and of itself is an excellent reason to make sure that you have a make up air unit installed, and that it’s working properly. Negative Air Pressure Air balance problems happen because the replacement air from your exhaust isn’t adequate. This can cause HVAC issues in your restaurant and will result in drafts, door

BIG Goals for Your Restaurant in 2019

While it may seem cliche, the New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your goals as a business and set some new records that you want to reach. This can be as simple as teaching a new habit to your team, or as huge as aiming for large financial goals or upgrades in your St. Louis restaurant . no matter what your new goals are for the New Year, Fast Fix LLC is here to help. Restaurants can rest assured that Fast Fix will be here to help you make commercial appliance repairs in Mid-Missouri . Here are a few goals we would set for your restaurant if we could share any of our advice. Get On Schedule Life happens, but sometimes, with a little forethought, you can be prepared when Murphy comes knocking on your door. It’s no surprise that when you use commercial appliances regularly, at some point they will start to wear down and break down. with that taken into consideration, the first and most important thing we can suggest is to learn more about our Maintenance Agreements. We offer