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Cleaning Your Commercial Fryer

It should come as no surprise to you that your fryers can get really dirty, really fast. Because of this, it’s important to include regular maintenance into your routine. This is for the benefit of maintenance, food quality, public health, and even kitchen safety. When working with fryers, you’re not playing with fire, but you basically are. Hot oil can cause serious burns if not properly used, and if your fryer isn’t clean, it’s easier for things to catch fire and cause bigger issues. There is some debate about how often a boil-out should be performed, but we’re going to give you some details and let you make up your own mind. Daily Cleaning Routine for Your Fryer If you perform daily cleaning, you will find that other deep cleaning can be a little less frequent. Do you have to move your fryer to clean it? Start by disconnecting the power, and if it’s a gas fryer, close the gas supply inlet and turn off the pilot light. Always wait for any oil inside to cool completely before m

The Food Facts About Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated, and whether you have a huge feast at home with your family, or everyone dines out at their favorite restaurant - a LOT of food is consumed. We hope that your St. Louis restaurant stays busy and has a great holiday, but in the meantime, here are some crazy facts about the food that will be consumed this Thanksgiving holiday! Thanksgiving Food Statistics About 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed each Thanksgiving! Make them stand out by using sugar cookie dough or thin slices of cinnamon roll dough for the crust! The average person consumes an average of 3,000 calories at Thanksgiving. If you’ve ever wondered which food has the most calories - wonder no more. It’s the beloved pecan pie. Americans consume 736 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving Day alone. In case you were wondering, that’s about the weight of the Empire State Building. If you’ve always thought that it was tryptophan in the turkey that mad you tired at Thanksgiving, thi

Clean Out Your Refrigerator!

While we’re sure that you understand the importance of cleaning a commercial refrigerator, it’s still nice to have a little reminder. It doesn’t take long for a restaurant fridge to get messy and filled with items that need to be used or tossed. November 15th is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day , and we think it’s the perfect reminder for busy restaurant owners in the St. Louis area . Here are a few things you can do to get your fridge back to its sparkling clean state. Steps for Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge This chore may seem daunting, especially if you’ve put it off, but before the holidays hit is the perfect time to get started. Check out these steps for cleaning out your walk-in fridge. 1. Unplug the Units This is a pretty obvious first step, but you don’t want to risk electrocution. Start by unplugging the fridge and freezer. If you’re delegating this job to someone else, make sure they realize the importance of unplugging the units. This helps prevent work-relat

Prepare Your Restaurant for the Holiday Rush

It’s a Deck the Halls and Holly Jolly Christmas type of season! Missouri got it’s first snow last night, and people are going to start getting in the holiday mood. That means one thing for restaurants - the holiday rush. This can be great for your business, but big growth also comes with some growing pains. If you aren’t ready for the holiday season, Fast Fix LLC is here for you! You commercial appliance repairmen in Missouri know how busy you’re going to get, and we’re here to keep your operation running smoothly. Do You Have Enough Help? When things get busy in the kitchen, it can be helpful to have enough staff to keep up with production. Not only can the right number of staff help improve satisfaction from your customers, but it also can help keep your Missouri kitchen appliances in better working order. Cleaning and maintenance don’t fall by the wayside if there are enough people to keep up with them. Take some time to evaluate your staffing for the next few weeks, and

Tips for a New Restaurant Owners

Starting a restaurant in St. Louis can feel intimidating, but don’t worry. With passion and some effort, you’ll do great. We’ve seen many restaurant in this area, not just in St. Louis, but also across Mid-Missouri and Eastern Illinois. We may not know how to run a restaurant, but we know how to run a business … and, as your commercial kitchen repairmen in St. Louis , we’ve been around the restaurant block a time or two. Here are a few things we’ve noticed that can really make an impact on your restaurant as you are just getting started. Start Promoting It’s important to get a head start on promoting your restaurant. If you aren’t tech savvy, you can find someone to do it for you! Get a website, make sure it looks professional and that it has all of the important details. You’ll want to include your menu on there as well. People in the area are going to first and foremost want to know what you’ll be serving. After your website is up, it’s time to start promoting your restaurant