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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Matters

When you are buying new equipment for your commercial kitchen in Missouri , it’s easy to focus on the brands and technical details. You may do a lot of research about the equipment, how it works, and what an asset it will be for your facility. What you may have forgotten to research, though, is the maintenance needs of this equipment. Of course, until something breaks - then it’s time to call the experts. At Fast Fix LLC , we know it’s hard to keep up on routine commercial kitchen maintenance , but that doesn’t make it less important. If you can keep on top of it, not only can maintenance reduce stress, but it can also reduce large repair costs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you think about your equipment maintenance. Make Routine a Priority One of the easiest ways to care for your commercial kitchen equipment is to stay up to date on scheduled cleaning and preventative maintenance. Clean and well-maintained equipment functions at its very best, and will return the f

Calibrating Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Making sure that your commercial equipment is always running at it’s best is key to keeping your kitchen running well. It doesn’t matter how great your thermostat is, after a while, it’s going to need to be recalibrated. this is something that you can do on your own, or you can call in the experts to check the calibration and then fix it for you. Here are a few important reasons why you need to have your unit calibrated, and how Fast Fix LLC can help. What Makes Calibration So Important? The calibration of your equipment defines the accuracy and quality that is produced. Over time, the accuracy and “drift” especially when temperature and humidity are being measured. If you want to be confident in the results, you are going to have to have an ongoing system for maintaining the calibration of your equipment through its lifetime. It’s important to have reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurements coming from the equipment that you use regularly. When we calibrate your equipment,

Best Repairs to Get Done Through Off-Seasons

At Fast Fix, we serve a wide area around Missouri and Western Illinois. One location we love to come down and service is the Lake of the Ozarks. With all of the lakefront restaurants and five-star hospitality venues, there are always plenty of commercial kitchen repairs to be made and it keeps us busy. Of course, as you move into the off-season at a Lake restaurant, it can be the perfect time to tune up your appliances and do some deep cleaning that had to get postponed through the busy summer season. Here are a few things you can get repaired while your commercial appliances in Missouri are winterized, and how the team at Fast Fix LLC can help. Refrigeration Units Regular maintenance of your refrigerated equipment, like your walk-in or reach-in coolers, can prevent breakdowns during the busy season. If you keep it running at optimum efficiency, you'll find that it treats you well. It doesn't take much to make them tick, the condensers and coils will need to be cleane

Cleaning Your Commercial Stove Top

We all know that commercial kitchens are busy places, and without a solid plan in place for cleaning, things can go by the wayside. There are many different pieces of equipment that get used, but none so much as your commercial stove top. It takes quite the beating from high heat, lots of usage, and hot grease on a regular basis. Keeping your stove clean isn’t just to make it easier to use, it’s the difference between keeping your restaurant open or not. Here are a few tips we have to keep your commercial stovetop clean, and how Fast Fix , your restaurant repair service in Missouri can help. Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Stovetop While you’re using your stove, it’s important to wipe up spills as they happen. This will prevent food particles and grease from becoming burnt to the surface and much harder to remove later. Do you have a gas stove? It’s important to remove the burner covers, drip trays, and knobs when cleaning it. You can soak them in a tub of hot, soapy water