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The Benefits of Regular Equipment Maintenance

Regular equipment maintenance, also referred to as preventative maintenance, is an important part of any commercial kitchen program. The goal of a successful preventative maintenance program is to improve the performance, efficiency and safety of the equipment in your restaurant or other commercial kitchen. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of performing regular equipment maintenance from the premier restaurant equipment maintenance company in Missouri . Benefits of Regular Equipment Maintenance From employee safety to producing quality food for your customers, regular equipment maintenance has a lot of benefits, some that you may not even realize. 1. Lower Utility Costs.  Improperly working equipment uses more energy than typically needed. If you see an increase in your electric bill without an easy explanation, chances are there's something wrong with one or more pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. Preventative maintenance can ensure your e

What Fans of Fast Fix LLC Are Saying

At Fast Fix LLC , we strive to provide excellent customer service. Our mission is to treat all our customers the way we would want to be treated by being honest, reliable and professional. Don't just take our word for it though, check out what some of our clients have to say about our Missouri restaurant equipment repair company . Customer Testimonials "Fast Fix does the majority of the work for my company in the STL area and they are absolutely excellent! Always willing to go out right away for emergencies, are extremely reliable, and can take care of almost anything! I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of excellent service!" - Victoria Steinmann "Wonderful group of hard working people. They have very fair rates and fix the problem the first time. I’d recommend them to anyone." - Dan Shadmani "Owned by great people and are very dependable, and know what they are doing. I highly recommend this company!" - Stephanie Murph

3 Reasons to Keep Your Food-Service Equipment Clean

Keeping your food-service equipment clean should be a top priority for any restaurant or other commercial kitchen. One of the main considerations is that regular cleaning of your equipment will extend the life of the equipment, saving you money over time. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC features several reasons why you would want to keep your food-service equipment clean. 1. Food Quality.  One of the first reasons to keep food-service equipment clean that likely comes to mind is for food quality reasons. Keeping your kitchen clean is food safety rule number one. Dirty equipment is also going to affect the taste of the food that you produce. For example, you can taste when french fries have been cooked in stale oil. Food particles that aren't removed from equipment can also cause smoke, which will also affect the way food tastes. By keeping your equipment clean, and filtering and changing oil as directed, you can eliminate any bad flavors that might affect the taste of th

We Are Proud Members of Local Restaurant Organizations

At Fast Fix LLC , we are always striving to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. We do so by ensuring proper training for our technicians and keeping up-to-date on new things in the restaurant industry. One way we do this is by staying involved in industry-specific organizations. We are proud members of the Missouri Restaurant Association, a statewide program, and the American Culinary Federation in St. Louis and Columbia. Keep reading to learn more about these great organizations. Missouri Restaurant Association  The Missouri Restaurant Association strives to promote the continuous improvement of the common good and quality of life in the community through the pursuit of new business. This is a statewide trade association that offers two different types of membership: one for those companies and organizations engaged in commercial and institutional foodservice, as well as foodservice educators, and two for those firms selling goods and services to the restau