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The Importance of Cleaning Your Beer Lines

Ice cold draught beer is the drink of choice for many bar goers. A cool, refreshing beverage is the perfect ending to many people’s day. Unfortunately, that fresh flavor can quickly be ruined by a contaminated beer line. When it comes to Missouri bar equipment maintenance , the beer lines can often get overlooked. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of cleaning the beer lines at your bar or restaurant. Draught Beer Enemies A good quality beer can easily be ruined in the time it takes the beer to travel from the keg to the glass. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your beer lines is the best way to preserve that fresh flavor of a nice craft beer. Here are few things that if present in your beer line could affect the taste and  quality of the beer you’re pouring at your restaurant or bar: Yeast – Whether it be wild yeast floating in the air or small traces of yeast leftover from the brewing process, excess yeast in your beer will affect the taste. This yeast is us

Why Commercial Ice Machines Break Down

One piece of restaurant equipment that often breaks down more often than others is the commercial ice machine. While it's not used to make food, it is a crucial part of the restaurant business and one that often gets overlooked. When it comes to your commercial ice machine, a little attention can go a long way. Keep reading to learn about some of the common reasons commercial ice machines break down from your Missouri restaurant equipment repair specialists. Cleaning Your Ice Machine  Regular cleaning of your commercial ice machine is an essential part of preventative maintenance of your restaurant equipment. Not only does it support sanitation, but it also preserves the quality of your ice, increases machine performance and helps extend the life of your ice machine. Failing to regularly clean your commercial ice machine is one of the main causes of malfunction. If scale accumulates on a sensor or blocks a pump, your machine will not operate properly. If the condenser coil is

Setting Up a Proper Maintenance Program for Your Restaurant

Having an equipment maintenance program in place for your restaurant is critical for keeping your business operational and successful. In today's blog, your favorite Missouri restaurant equipment maintenance company discusses how to setup a maintenance plan. Reactive Maintenance Plans  The first aspect of your maintenance plan to think of is what will happen if a repair is needed. Who needs to know about the repair? Who is in charge of handling the situation? Where and how do you track this information? Will you hire a Missouri restaurant equipment repair company to handle the repairs? You want to make sure to have this reactive maintenance plan in place before you have an equipment breakdown. Have a list of procedures, and make sure to have your equipment repair companies number handy! To reach Fast Fix LLC , you can call 573-544-0456 for the Columbia area or 636-327-8349 for the St. Louis and Western Illinois area. Preventative & Routine Maintenance Programs  Th

3 Reasons Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Should Be a Priority

Most restaurant owners or managers don't really think about maintaining their equipment until something breaks. With some many different things to worry about when running a business in the food service industry, maintenance can easily get overlooked. The truth of the matter is though, that Missouri restaurant equipment maintenance is just as important to your guests' experience as the quality of your ingredients and the service provided by your staff. Plus, it's just as important to your bottom line. Keep reading to learn about some of the different reasons you need to make food-service equipment maintenance a priority in your restaurant. 1. Routine Maintenance Reduces Repair Costs.  The restaurant business is a numbers game. Owners and managers are constantly working to reduce expenses so they can increase revenue. According to a survey by an industry association, restaurant chains that have set up a formalized maintenance program spend 50 percent less than the in

How Equipment Maintenance Can Affect Food Safety in Your Commercial Kitchen

While you may think that food safety all depends on how an employee handles the food, there's more to it than that. Your restaurant equipment can play a role in maintaining food safety standards. Without properly working equipment, you could have food that's stored or cooked at improper temperatures, which can lead to foodborne illness. Keep reading to learn more about how equipment maintenance can affect food safety from your favorite Missouri restaurant equipment service company. Proper Food Storage  One of the most important food safety rules is to ensure foods are kept at the proper temperature during storage. In order to do so, you need to have properly working refrigeration units. From walk-in coolers to deep freezers, you want to make sure that your equipment is maintaining the proper temperature. You can do so by checking the temperature regularly with an appliance thermometer. Refrigerators should be at 40°F or below and freezers should be at 0°F or  below. Sa