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Five-Star Appetizers for Your Restaurant

It’s not uncommon for a chef to introduce new concepts as appetizers. This helps create a menu variety on a smaller scale, and not require the same ingredient quantity as full entrĂ©es. If your Missouri restaurant is wanting to make some new leaps in the appetizer world, there are some really fun trends happening that you may want to incorporate. It’s time to WOW your customers with a fantastic appetizer selection, and we have some delicious suggestions. Street Tacos If a dish is inspired by the street foods served from the Far East, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, and Latin America - they take the cake (er … taco!). Street tacos make a perfect example of this, especially in appetizer form. Mini tacos can be filled with pork shoulder, grilled pineapple, and cilantro. Chicken Chorizo tacos are also a big hit, think of green chicken chorizo sausage paired with avocado salsa - it’s basically a fiesta in your mouth, and a fun way to play with these flavors in your facility. O

Setting Up a New Bar?

Opening up a new bar can be filled with lots of exciting details, like what drinks you’ll feature, and customizing the coasters. However, there are a few mundane things that need to select as well. This can include things like the equipment, or even setting up the taps. Fast Fix LLC is all about equipment maintenance in Missouri , so we make it our goal to help you get everything you need from the start. Here is a basic list of the things you’ll need to get your bar up and running, and how Fast Fix LLC can help! Coolers & Refrigerators Do you like warm beer? Yeah, neither do your customers. There’s a reason that beer is often described as “ice-cold” and this is why Fast Fix is here to save the day. Obviously, the first piece of equipment that you’ll need is a quality ice machine. Nobody’s got time to fill ice trays and wait for the water to freeze (about as boring as waiting for water to boil). After a great ice machine, here are a few other pieces of equipment that you’ll

Selecting and Storing Fresh Veggies

June 16th is Fresh Veggies Day, so it’s the perfect time to learn about selecting and storing your vegetables. As a restaurant owner, it’s important to make sure that your vegetables are properly cared for, but even more so, chosen. Because we care about your business, your restaurant, and obviously your equipment, here are a few hints to help. Choose Produce Carefully When getting high quality produce, the key is to make sure that you come back with pieces that aren’t damaged or bad. No amount of storage will make a difference if the produce is too far gone. Need to Stock Up? If you’re buying bulk, plan on grabbing the root vegetables. These are notorious for lasting long and staying fresh. Wanna keep it longer? Try separating the greens from carrots or beets to help keep them from pulling moisture. Getting Greens? Lettuces are fragile, but kale and collards will last longer. Especially when you take the rubber band and plastic bag to give it room to breathe. Other op

Summer Drinks for Sipping

The drinks that you serve in your restaurant play a huge role in how long customers will stay, what they will order, and sometimes even if they come at all. Let your drinks be the initial attraction to your restaurant through a revamp of old favorites and sizzlin’ summer sips that won’t be forgotten. If you need some ideas on what to serve in your restaurant, here are some fantastic cocktails that work perfectly for warm weather, and your local  restaurant repair company in mid-Missouri  is here to keep you informed! Rosita This drink is both bright and flavorful. It’s a mix of mezcal, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, Campari, and Angostura bitters. Get your bartenders ready, because this is sure to be a summer favorite with its exciting red colors. Toss a few orange slices in for garnish, and you’re good to go. Classic Mojito You can’t go wrong with the class mojito. This is a well-loved summer flavor, with a combination of white rum, lime juice, superfine sugar, mint leaves,