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Ensuring Proper Ventilation for Your Commercial Kitchen

Proper ventilation in a restaurant setting is imperative for both employee and customer health, as well as food sanitation. Improper ventilation can lead to a variety of issues including safety violations, higher utility bills, decreased employee productivity and more. Commercial kitchens have unique ventilation needs, from minimizing smoke and fumes to controlling food odors. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC addresses some ways to ensure your restaurant is properly ventilated. Keeping Your Restaurant Cool  The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, and it is also the area that needs the most ventilation. With the variety of equipment in a commercial kitchen, it's easy for the temperature inside to rise to unbearable levels. High temperatures are not just an inconvenience for your employees, but they can affect your restaurant's bottom line. Studies have shown that employee productivity peaks at just over 71° and drops off above 77°. Outside of these optimal tempe

Understanding Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

In an effort to safeguard more electrical installations, the National Electric Code (NEC) has been expanding the requirements for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) since 1971. Initially, GFCI protection was only required for temporary wiring at construction sites and in dwelling unit bathrooms. However, in recent years code requirements have been expanded to include many other areas such as commercial occupancies, fountains and swimming pools, and more. Keep reading to learn more about GFCI protection and the requirements for a commercial kitchen from Fast Fix LLC . What is GFCI Protection?  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCI, is the only protection device designed to protect people against electric shock from an electrical system. The NEC defines it as "a device intended for the protection of personnel that functions to de-energize a circuit or portion thereof within an established period of time when a current to ground exceeds some predetermined value that

5 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Cool This Summer

With the combination of hot air, flames and busy bodies, it can easily get sweltering hot in a commercial kitchen, especially during the hot summer months. Today's blog from Missouri's best restaurant equipment repair company offers some tips for beating the heat in your restaurant kitchen this summer. The key to keeping your restaurant kitchen cool involves ventilation, circulation and hydration! Here are a few ways that you can accomplish that: 1. Ensure Your Air Conditioning System is Working Properly.  The first, most obvious way to stay cool during the hot summer months is Air Conditioning. While most restaurant probably already have an AC system installed, it's important to make sure that its working properly. Keeping your AC maintained is key for ensuring that it continues to work properly throughout the entire summer season. If you're not sure the last time your system was checked/maintained, consider calling the professionals at Fast Fix LLC to come

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Commercial Kitchen Layout

Whether you're opening a new restaurant or remodeling/expanding one, it's important that you put some thought into the layout. You want your employees to be both productive and safe. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC offers some practical tips for optimizing your commercial kitchen layout. With a great kitchen design, you can reduce energy costs, streamline your workflow, fit more functionality into a smaller space and so much more. 1. Use a Zone Approach.  When designing the layout for your restaurant, you should think about organizing it in zones. Consider where your deliveries are coming from, where food will be stored, where food will be prepped, where food will be prepared, etc. You want to make sure there's enough space for prep, dishwashing, production and service. This is the time to ask yourself questions about how things will operate. Consider making some type of board where you can move things around and visualize your different options before you start