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Prepping Your Commercial Kitchen for the Summer Season

The kids aren't in school anymore and that means more opportunities for the entire family to eat out! Is your restaurant ready for the increased number of customers? Today's blog from your Missouri restaurant equipment repair professionals focuses on prepping your commercial kitchen for the summer season. 1. Start Your Deep Cleaning Tasks Now. Many Missouri restaurants are extra busy during the summer months, and that means less time to dedicate to cleaning. It's important to get the large, deep cleaning tasks out of the way now. In the middle of the summer, you're not going to have the time to do those things unless you stay long after closing time. Get those major cleaning tasks done now, and then clean as you go throughout the summer to avoid letting dirt and grime build up. 2. Organize Your Walk-In and Pantry Shelves. During a lunch rush, you're not going to have time to sort through food items until you find the right one. You'll want to get ever

4 Ways to Optimize Your Commerical Kitchen

The kitchen is the powerhouse of any restaurant. Without a functioning kitchen, you can't run your business. Commercial kitchens require a lot more upkeep and organization than your typical residential kitchen. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC focuses on optimizing your commercial kitchen to keep it in good working order. 1. Invest in the Proper Equipment. When opening a restaurant or other business with a commercial kitchen involved, it's important that you invest in the proper equipment. The same equipment you use in your kitchen at home, doesn't have the power and capability to mass produce food. You don't want to cut corners when it comes to choosing your kitchen equipment, as it can lead to problems down the road. Essential pieces for every commercial kitchen can include: a refrigeration system, dishwasher, oven and range, and other pieces dependent upon the goals and function of your establishment. In addition to having the proper equipment, it's also

Restaurant Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans

As your commercial kitchen equipment gets older, the costs associated with repair and maintenance increase. By having a preventative maintenance program in place will help keep these expenses under control and help you avoid the need to purchase new equipment prematurely. Keep reading to learn more about what should be included in your preventative maintenance plan: Importance of Preventative Maintenance  Commercial kitchen equipment is the backbone of any restaurant, and without it, your restaurant wouldn't be able to function. Therefore, a top priority for restaurant owners should be to ensure the equipment is being taken care of, from cleaning to maintenance. Implementing a Missouri restaurant equipment preventative maintenance plan will not only increase the life of your equipment, but also increase the efficiency of your commercial kitchen. While not comprehensive, below is a list of important items to be sure and include in your preventative maintenance plan: Tasks

Do's and Don'ts for Your Commercial Ice Machine

One important piece of equipment in most commercial kitchens is the ice machine. You don't want to be serving your customers warm drinks, and if smoothies or iced coffees are your specialty, you're going to need lots of ice. This piece of equipment is also one of the most abused in restaurants, especially bars. Today's blog from your favorite Missouri restaurant equipment repair company discusses a few do's and don'ts for your commercial ice machine. Keep it working in tip-top shape by following these tips. Commerical Ice Machine Do's  1. DO Adjust Production When Needed.  One of the easiest ways to increase the life of your ice machine is to monitor production and adjust it when needed. You'll likely need more ice in the hot summer months than you will during the cold winter season. By predicting how much ice you will need and adjusting the production, you'll save on energy costs throughout the year. Another thing to consider is only having it