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What You Need to Know About Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

By better understanding the role of restaurant equipment in your commercial kitchen and how important that upkeep is, you'll be able to decrease your overall costs, improve your maintenance and repair budget, and schedule capital upgrade costs on your schedule and time frame. By making smart and informed choices about equipment maintenance, you'll be able to save money, time and frustration. Here's what you need to know about restaurant equipment maintenance in Missouri : 1. You Can Reduce Repair Costs Through Regular Maintenance.  Think of it like your vehicle; you perform regular oil changes to reduce the likelihood of needing engine repairs. The better you take care of your vehicle through regular maintenance checks, the less likely you are to need repairs. Reducing the amount of repairs needed will decrease the cost of repairs. Plus the cost of maintaining your equipment is typically much less expensive than paying for the repairs after neglecting a maintenance i

The Unexpected Costs of Opening a Restaurant

While restaurants can fail for many reasons, about 80% of those that fail go under because they underestimated the startup capital needed. There are always unexpected things that come up with opening a new restaurant, and it almost always costs more than what you would think. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC offers some advice to those just starting out in the restaurant business. Below you will learn several of the common unexpected costs of opening a restaurant. 1. Design Materials.  When opening a new restaurant, you want it to have a certain look. Obtaining that look can result in a pretty large expense. While you will start with a budget, any changes to in the plans after the project is started can incur extra costs. Maybe the materials you thought you wanted don't look at great in-person and you need to upgrade to something better. Be prepared to go over budget to get your restaurant to look great! 2. Construction Surprises.  When it comes to a building project,

Tips for Properly Handling Hot Oil

Most restaurants feature commercial deep fryers among their kitchen equipment. Along with this piece of equipment comes a big safety concern, hot oil. Today's blog from your premier restaurant equipment maintenance company in Missouri  offers tips for staying safe when handling hot oil in your restaurant kitchen. Operating a Commercial Deep Fryer In the restaurant industry, particularly in fast food, french fries, tater tots, mozzarella sticks and other fried foods are popular menu items. Commercial fryers are used to prepare these dishes, and operating a commercial fryer should be done with care. The hot oil used to cook these foods can easily cause burns. Restaurant employees operating commercial deep fryers should wear protection and follow the following safety tips: Receive proper training for operating the commercial fryer Use only oil of proper quality  Never overfill the fryer with too much oil  Do not overheat the oil, follow the manufacturer's guidelines Mi

Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Floors Clean

While food shouldn't come into contact with the floors in your commercial kitchen, its cleanliness should still be a priority. Cleaning the floors throughout the day will make closing time cleanup much easier. Keep reading to learn about a few reasons it's important to keep the floors clean, as well as some tips on how to do that. Reasons to Keep Floors Clean  Improper cleaning of commercial floors can lead to several issues that many people overlook. Food Safety - Dirty floors can contain a large variety of organisms that can cause food-borne illness. While you can argue that the food shouldn't touch the floor, that dirt and grime can still have an impact on food safety. Shuffling feet around on the floor can loosen those particles into the air. Dropping items on the floor can also cause germs to fly through the air. This can easily cause food contamination, which affects the quality of your food. In some cases, it could even lead to food poisoning, which could res