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Preparing for Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Tips for Restaurant Owners

Memorial Day Weekend is here and restaurant owners are gearing up for a busy weekend. While some people may be enjoying a BBQ at home, many people don't want to deal with cooking for a bunch of people, so they'll be headed to their favorite restaurant. With the increase of customers comes a busy kitchen. Fast Fix LLC has a few tips to keep your kitchen running at top efficiency this Memorial Day Weekend: 1. Staff an Appropriate Amount of Employees.  While there can be a such thing as too many people in a kitchen, it's important that restaurant owners anticipate the increase of customers and staff appropriately. It might be a good idea to look back at your sales from the previous year on Memorial Day Weekend so you have an idea of what to expect this year. In addition, keep that staff motivated and happy. Your kitchen will run a lot more smoothly if your employees want to be there and they don't feel stressed.  2. Ensure Employees are Constantly Cleaning.  O

Knowning When to Replace Your Restaurant Equipment

When you own a restaurant, the efficiency of your food-service equipment has a direct impact on the success of your business. You know that restaurant equipment doesn't last forever, but how do you know if it needs replaced or just repaired? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it might be time to consider replacing your restaurant equipment: 1. Are Your Equipment Repair Costs Adding Up?  If you're constantly having to call in a Missouri restaurant equipment repair technician, it might be time to bite the bullet and purchase new equipment. While individual repairs might not cost as much as a newer model, those costs can add up quickly. You don't want your repair costs eventually adding up to more money than what it would have cost you to just replace it. 2. Has Your Equipment Become Extremely Inefficient?  Maybe your equipment is still working, and you're getting by, but it's not working as efficiently as it should be. One common sign th

Creating a Restaurant Equipment Checklist

You've decided to open a restaurant. Congratulations! Now you need to start thinking about what type of equipment you're going to need in your kitchen. There are many factors that should go into how you setup your kitchen area. Here are a few tips from Fast Fix LLC to help you get started on your equipment checklist: 1. Figure Out Your Menu.  The dishes you plan to serve will have a big impact on the type of equipment you need to purchase. If you're planning to serve a lot of fried foods, you're going to need extra fryers. If gourmet dishes with fresh ingredients is going to be your specialty, you need to make sure you have plenty of food prep tables and coolers. For fresh baked bread and other bakery items, you'll need plenty of oven space. Sit down and write out everything you'll need to create each of the dishes on your menu. Not only will this tell you what pieces of equipment you need, but also what type of equipment you'll be using the most.

7 Shopping Tips for Buying Quality Restaurant Equipment

One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is having good quality equipment. When it comes to shopping for that restaurant equipment, there are a variety of brands and suppliers to choose from. Where do you even start? Fast Fix LLC has come up with this list of 7 shopping tips to get you started down the right path to finding good, quality food-service equipment! 1. Know What Equipment You Need. The first step in shopping for restaurant equipment is deciding what type of equipment you need. Think about what types of food you're going to be serving, what will you be cooking the most of. For fast food style restaurants you're going to need lots of fryers and grill space. If you have a more upscale restaurant you're going to need plenty of range space and prep table room. Once you've created a list, it's important to prioritize the items. 2. Come Up with a Budget. As with any business, it's important you have a budget. Food-service equip