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The Most Popular Commercial Beverage Machines

Do guests come in specifically for your craft beers or your steamy coffees? Or maybe they come for the food and drinks are just a perk! No matter what the reasons, no restaurant is complete without a few beverage machines hanging out in your kitchen. Here at Fast Fix LLC, we realize what a big role they play in your St. Louis commercial kitchen, and repair is inevitable. Here are a few different types of commercial beverage machines that you’ll find in restaurants and how we can help keep them in tip-top shape! Coffee Machines There are several different features to keep in mind when shopping for a coffee machine for your restaurant. Some can attach directly to a water line to simplify the brewing process, others have no water lines for easy transport. Cappuccino, espresso, and hot chocolate machines are a must for breakfast facilities or coffee shops (duh!). Check out these popular unit types as you track down the perfect appliance for you. Automatic Commercial Coffee Machine

Decadent Menu Options for Valentine’s Day

V-Day is coming, and it’s coming FAST - not Fast Fix fast, but it’s going to be here before you know it! As your restaurant starts to prepare for the day of love, it’s important to remember that this is a HUGE day in the restaurant industry. Keep in mind that restaurant reservations increased 433% compared to the average number of reservations made for the same day in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day - so it’s time to bring you A-game, starting with your menu. Here are a few delicious recipes that will really make a statement this year! Cocktails & Beverages It’s time to start with a toast! Obviously, you’ll be supplying standard beverages, and you may want to include a glass of wine with a dinner reservation package - but sometimes it can be fun to feature something a little special. Here are some fantastic beverages you can serve up for the day of love! Spiked Rose Lemonade Champagne Cocktail Kitty Highball Midnight Sparkler Cocktail Buttered Rum Hot Chocolate

Common Restaurant Problems & How to Fix Them

Owning a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart, and we’re pretty sure you already know this! The food industry can be high-risk, heavy competition, and require perfection in the details. It’s not uncommon for businesses to fail in the first year, so whatever you can do to ensure your success is a worthy investment. At Fast Fix LLC, we help restaurants all over the Mid-Missouri area with commercial kitchen repairs , so we see our fair share of businesses in the food industry, and we want to see you succeed. Here are a few things you can do to give your business the best possible chance at success, and even how Fast Fix LLC can help. Fast Fix #1: The Menu This can be one of the most common problems that a restaurant owner will face. Creating that perfect menu is a balancing act between too few items and too many, the best price, and even a theme that works well together. It’s important to find a focus while putting your menu together, so here are a few tips to help make some sen

To Repair or Replace … 4 Questions to Ask First

When you own or manage a restaurant, there are a lot of decisions you have to make. It’s a bustling place, and a lot of your choices need to be fast and accurate as you whip up food, address customer concerns, and make orders. One thing that can cause a hitch in your plans is when a piece of equipment breaks down, and then you have to decide if the equipment is ready to replace, or can be repaired efficiently. Here at Fast Fix LLC, we can help you determine if a piece of equipment is repairable, and if it is, we can help with your commercial appliance repair in Mid-Missouri ! Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you make this decision. Q: What is the age of the commercial appliance? The fact is, every appliance has a lifespan, and it’s going to vary depending on the appliance. A refrigerator generally has a lifespan between 10 and 15 years. When your commercial refrigerator is approaching that age, you’ll want to start planning ahead for the repair or replacement costs. T

2020 Resolutions for Your Restaurant

People around the world will be setting resolutions over the next several days, which can be a powerful way to meet goals and gain a sense of accomplishment throughout the year. This is no different for businesses, though! Now is a great time to sit down and really focus on your business, what you want to see this year, and how you plan to achieve those goals. Here at Fast Fix, we help restaurants accomplish their goals through commercial appliance maintenance in Mid-Missouri , but we also have a few suggestions on how you can reach your full potential in this upcoming year! Bring In More Customers Finding creative ways to get more people into your restaurant in 2020 can be an incredible goal. A Facebook Loyalty Study asked 14,000 adults to describe the businesses that they liked best, and the words used were “quality” and “fun.” Whether you incorporate this into your menu, your events, or even your service, making your customers experience amazing is a great way to bring in ne