The Most Popular Commercial Beverage Machines

Do guests come in specifically for your craft beers or your steamy coffees? Or maybe they come for the food and drinks are just a perk! No matter what the reasons, no restaurant is complete without a few beverage machines hanging out in your kitchen. Here at Fast Fix LLC, we realize what a big role they play in your St. Louis commercial kitchen, and repair is inevitable. Here are a few different types of commercial beverage machines that you’ll find in restaurants and how we can help keep them in tip-top shape!

Coffee Machines

There are several different features to keep in mind when shopping for a coffee machine for your restaurant. Some can attach directly to a water line to simplify the brewing process, others have no water lines for easy transport. Cappuccino, espresso, and hot chocolate machines are a must for breakfast facilities or coffee shops (duh!). Check out these popular unit types as you track down the perfect appliance for you.
  • Automatic Commercial Coffee Machines
  • Commercial Pourover Coffee Makers
  • Airpot, Satellite, and Single Serve Machines
  • Coffee Urns
  • Cappuccino, Espresso, and Hot Chocolate Machines
  • Coffee Dispensers
  • Coffee Warmers and Grinders

Beer Dispensers

From serving up and ice cold draft beer outdoors on a patio or at an event, to club top dispensers which have keg storage as well as a refrigerated area for bottles - there’s a lot on the market! No matter what you’re looking for, be sure to check in with Fast Fix, LLC and we should be able to find you the perfect unit.
  • 8+ Taps
  • Club Top
  • 2 Taps
  • 4 Taps
  • Outdoor Kegerators
  • Remote Cooled Beer Dispensers

Granita & Slushy Machines

These are commonly seen in gas stations, so if your commercial appliances need to be repaired in Mid-Missouri, we can help! From the double bowl unites to specialized granita slushy machines, there are so many things to love about these units!
  • Double Bowl Units
  • Standard Pourover Units
  • Liquid Auto Fill Units
  • Cocktail Machines
  • Granita Slushy Machines
  • Triple Bowl Units

Underbar Organization

The ease and efficiency that these pieces of equipment can provide behind the bar is amazing. From organizing behind the workspace, liquor displays, blender stations, storage units, and more - there are many different pieces, and they could be indispensable.
  • Underbar Ice Bins
  • Underbar Sinks
  • Back Bar Coolers
  • Underbar Drainboard Units

Ice Machines

Ice cold beverages aren’t possible without having a high-quality and efficient ice machine working for you. These units need to be kept clean in order to run properly, and they do need regular maintenance, thankfully, we know a guy!
  • Air-Cooled Ice Machines
  • Undercounter Ice Machines
  • Water-Cooled Ice Machines
  • Combination Ice and Water Dispensers
  • Remote Condenser Ice Machines

Soda Fountain Machines

These are essential tools for any foodservice business who wants to dispense and serve drinks simply. These types of machines can be used in your back-of-house area or used for a self-serve station. They also come with push buttons, hands-free levers, and can be placed on counters, or drop into spaces.
  • Countertop Style
  • Drop-In Style
  • NSF Listed Machines
  • Lever Dispenser
  • Push Button Dispenser
  • ADA Compliant Machines
  • Internal Carbonator Feature

Fast Fix to Save the Day

Your restaurant is filled with commercial appliances that need to be repaired in Mid-Missouri. From the drink stations to the oven - Fast Fix LLC can help you keep your appliances in real working order. While restaurants are the most common thought that comes to mind, we provide services for any facility that utilizes commercial kitchen equipment. This can include schools, nursing homes, gas stations, hotels, and more! Visit our website to learn more about our commercial kitchen appliance repair company in Mid-Missouri! We offer maintenance services that will make your business run smoother in 2020, and clear your mind for the things that really deserve a place there!

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