The History of Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are a typical menu item, especially in the fast food industry. Who doesn't love some crispy french fries to accompany their burger? From mozzarella sticks to onion rings, fried foods offer some of the best side dishes you can find. Who thought to drop food in hot oil to cook it though? Who invented the first deep-fryer, and when did they become a staple in the restaurant industry? Keep reading to learn more about the history of deep-fried foods from your favorite restaurant equipment repair company in Missouri.

The History of Deep Fried Foods

The process of deep-frying foods is said to have come about in the 5th millennium BC. The Egyptians that invented deep-frying during this time had no idea how it would change the culinary industry. Fried cakes were one of the first foods to be fried (think donuts). Other cultures began to follow suit. For our ancestors, frying food was a quick and easy way to prepare a meal. Deep frying was also a way of preserving food to eat later in the day. During the middle ages, fitters, which are made from batter filled with meats, fruits, etc., became popular throughout Europe. During the 16th century, tempura became popular in Japan. In the 1830s, fried potatoes or "French Fries" became popular in France and Belgium. Today, people have become very creative and will fry just about anything!

The History of Deep Fryers

Frying pans were invented in ancient Mesopotamia. In the late 1800s, cast iron cookware became widely available, and people were able to prepare fried foods in their homes. As kitchens transformed from rough work rooms to part of the living area over the years, frying at home became less popular. The restaurant industry benefited from this, as people would get their fried food fix while dining out. In 1918, the Pitco Frialator was invented. This piece of equipment quickly became a staple in restaurant kitchens because it extended the life of cooking oil. This both reduced costs and improved the food quality.

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