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Maintaining Your Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers are a common piece of equipment in most restaurants, especially fast food ones. The biggest cause of poor-tasting fried food is a poorly maintained deep fryer. To keep your customers happy and coming back, use these tips to maintain your commercial fryers from your favorite Missouri restaurant equipment maintenance company . Cleaning Your Deep Fryer The most important step in keeping your commercial fryer in proper working condition is regular cleaning. When you close up shop for the day, be sure to add fryer cleaning to your closing checklist. Not only do you want to wipe down the exterior of the equipment, but you should also clean out the baskets. Run them through the dishwasher and then be sure to wipe them dry before returning them to the fryer. Every 3-6 months, you'll want to take your fryer through a deep cleaning process called a "boil out." Start by completely draining your fryer of old oil, and then refill it with warm water and a

3 Signs of Commercial Food Service Equipment Trouble

When you own a restaurant, the most important thing is getting quality food out to your customers in a timely fashion. In order to do this, you need proper working food service equipment. Today's blog discusses some signs that mean trouble for your restaurant equipment. In a commercial kitchen, even one that undergoes regular maintenance, it's important to know early signs of equipment trouble. Below your favorite food service equipment maintenance company in Missouri discusses a few of the things to look for: Different Cooking Times  One of most noticeable signs of equipment problems is longer cooking times. When food starts taking twice as long to cook as it used to, there's definitely something wrong with your equipment. It's time to call up your Missouri restaurant equipment professionals to determine where the issue is coming from. In some cases, food can cook faster than normal, this is also a sign of equipment trouble. Your thermostat could be messed up,

Commercial Kitchen Repairs with Fast Fix LLC

Fast Fix LLC is your honest, reliable, professional commercial kitchen repair company in Missouri . We're here to ensure your restaurant equipment is maintained for premium performance levels. You need to be worried about running your business, not worrying about if your equipment is going to make it through the next dinner shift. Keep reading to learn about all the different services we can handle! Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair  Our restaurant equipment service company serving Missouri and Western Illinois employs highly trained professionals that are certified in repairing and maintaining commercial food service equipment. With over 200 years of combined service and restaurant management experience, the Fast Fix team knows a thing or two about repairing your much-needed equipment. Our technicians repair everything in a commercial kitchen including but not limited to: Refrigeration Units  Freezers Ice Machines Prep Tables  Ranges  Ovens  Microwaves Steam

5 Tips Regarding Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties

Running a restaurant kitchen isn't possible without properly working food service equipment. To ensure your investment is well taken care of, it's important that you understand the warranties on your commercial kitchen equipment. Below you'll find some tips and advice regarding those warranties that you'll want to keep in mind. 1. Read Your New Equipment Warranties.  All new restaurant equipment is sold with some type of warranty, each with its own set of terms and conditions. It's important that you review that warranty at the time of the purchase. You need to kno what types of issues are going to be covered and which ones won't. This can also help you compare different brands, as some might offer better warranties than others. You need to think about repair costs down the road and factor that into your purchase decisions. Typically, the larger, more expensive pieces of equipment, such as combination ovens, carry longer warranties, some as long as three