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8 Questions to Ask a Restaurant Equipment Repair Company Before Hiring Them

Improperly working restaurant equipment can post a threat to not only your chefs and kitchen staff, but also your guests and anyone else in the restaurant. Faulty equipment can start a fire, cause a gas leak, etc. Therefore, it's important you hire an experienced restaurant equipment repair company in Missouri or Western Illinois. Below are a few questions you want to ask a company before hiring them: Questions to Ask a Restaurant Equipment Repair Company When choosing a restaurant equipment repair company to hire, you want someone licensed, insured and experienced. These questions can help you weed out some of your options and ensure you're hiring the best Missouri restaurant equipment maintenance company out there: Are you licensed to repair this type of equipment? Are you properly insured?  Do you have expertise with this type of equipment?  Do you have the proper tools to get the job done right?  Do you service both gas and electric equipment?  What certific

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Commercial Bread Slicer

One piece of equipment that can easily get overlooked when cleaning your restaurant kitchen is the bread slicer. Commercial bread slicers are used to slice entire loaves of bread in even, consistent slices. They are very common in bakeries,  as well as other restaurants that bake their own bread. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for cleaning and maintaining commercial bread slicers: Cleaning Your Commercial Bread Slicer Commercial bread slicers are power-operated. Therefore, you need to use extra caution when cleaning then to ensure that you do not snag your clothing, slice your hand or get any parts of the machinery wet. They are also razor sharp, so they require special care when cleaning them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Read the instruction manual before beginning any cleaning or maintenance.  Always unplug your bread slicer before attempting to clean it or perform any maintenance.  Always wear safety gloves to protect your hands.  Use a da

Keeping Your Commercial Refrigeration at the Proper Temperatures

The temperature at which foods are stored can affect their appearance, taste, nutrient content and most importantly their safety. In the restaurant industry, food safety is extremely important. If you serve your customers bad food, they won't be coming back and you'll be out of business. Not only that, but the food service industry regulations are super strict. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of storing your food at the proper temperatures, and how to do that with the help of Fast Fix LLC . The Purpose of Refrigeration A refrigerator is used to keep foods at a cooler temperature in order to slow down the growth of bacteria. A freezer, however, is intended to completely stop the growth of bacteria. On average, commercial refrigeration operates between 36°F and 45°F. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that refrigerated products must be kept at 41°F or lower. Maintaining Proper Refrigeration Temperatures  Commercial refrigera

Beat the Heat in Your Restaurant Kitchen This Summer

Restaurant kitchens can easily get extremely hot, especially during the summer months. With the hot air outside combined with heat coming from the food preparation equipment, it's important that employees have ways to stay cool. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC focuses on ways to beat the heat in your commercial kitchen this summer: 1. Ensure the AC System is Working Properly.  The most important aspect of keeping cool in a hot kitchen is an efficient AC system that's working properly. Before the summer heat kicks in, it's important to have your AC system checked. It's also important to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently. Not only will this decrease the likelihood of a system failure, but also cut your energy costs down.  2. Install Proper Ventilation.  While pushing cool air in is important, you also need a way for the hot air to get out. Proper ventilation is another important aspect of any restaura

4 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profit

One of the most difficult industries to make it in is the restaurant business. When it comes to competition, there's a lot of restaurants for people to choose from. As a restaurant owner, one of your top priorities is making sure your restaurant is profitable. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC focuses on a few ways for you to increase profit. 1. Hold Regular Staff Meetings.   The key to running a successful and profitable restaurant is having a great staff. Just having great servers and chefs isn't enough though; you have to make sure everyone is on the same page. Everyone needs to know their expectations, and also needs to be praised for their hard work. The best way to accomplish continuity throughout your restaurant is to hold regular staff meetings. This time can be used to discuss possible improvements, while also praising the good work that's been taking place. By preparing your staff, they'll better be able to serve your customers.   2. Increase Custo