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Repairing vs Replacing Your Restaurant Equipment

Over time, restaurant equipment starts to require some big fixes and maintenance costs. There's a point where you could be throwing more money into a piece of equipment than it's actually worth. The decision to replace your restaurant equipment comes down to age, price and condition. Keep reading to learn more about repairs vs replacement from your favorite Missouri restaurant equipment repair company . Equipment Replacement Considerations When deciding whether to repair or replace a piece of restaurant equipment, your first consideration should be safety, for you, your employees and even customers. You don't want to have a piece of equipment on your line that is no longer safe to operate or that could start a fire in your kitchen. You need to be particularly careful when it comes to ovens, as an improperly working gas flue poses a fire hazard. Fryers also pose a hazard if the tubes transferring oil to the heat element begin to crack and leak.  The next thing

20+ Equipment Manufacturers That We Service

Fast Fix LLC is your local restaurant and commercial kitchen solution in Columbia, Missouri , Saint Louis Missouri, and surrounding areas! We specialize in commercial cooking equipment, refrigeration units, commercial HVAC, and more. With over 200 years experience, the Fast Fix team knows a thing or two about repairing and maintaining your restaurant equipment. Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers At Fast Fix LLC, we provide service on a variety of different types of equipment. From ovens and fryers to hood vents and HVAC units, we've got all your Missouri restaurant equipment repair needs covered. Here's just a small list of the manufacturers for which we provide service: APW/Wyott  Dean  Delfied Doyton Duke Frymaster  Garland  Groen  Hatco  Hobart Imperial  Kolpak Lang Marshall Air  Nieco Panasonic  Peerless Pitco  Randell Silver King Don't see your equipment manufacturer here? Don't worry, we service many more brands as well. This is just

Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Floors Clean

One aspect of your commercial kitchen that should not be overlooked is the floors. Just like all your equipment, your floors should be cleaned and maintained daily. Not only is floor cleanliness important for sanitation reasons, but also for employee safety. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of and how to keep your restaurant kitchen floors clean from your Fast Fix LLC team. The Importance of Clean Restaurant Kitchen Floors The most important reason to keep restaurant kitchen floors is for safety issues. This includes both food safety and employee safety. Clean kitchens, including the floors, reduce the number of illness causing agents that can infect the food that will be served to customers. Clean floors also reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, and workplace injuries. Consequences of Dirty Floors Dirty floors can lead to a variety of issues for your restaurant including: Loss of Customers - Customers don't want to eat at restaurants that are perc

4 Restaurant Kitchen Sanitation Tips

When running a restaurant, one of the utmost concerns is sanitation. In order to keep guests coming back, you need to have a clean restaurant that practices food safety and produces quality food. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC focuses on the importance of sanitation by offer several actionable tips. These tips are important for preventing foodborne illnesses in the food service industry. 1. Proper Personal Hygiene for Employees.  One of the most common causes of foodborne illness is bacteria spread by people handling food. Every action in food service could easily impact food safety from purchasing and storing to preparing and serving. Anyone handling food should practice proper personal hygiene. This includes washing their hands frequently and at key times during food handling. Covering any cuts with a proper bandage is also critical for food safety. 2. Proper Cleaning & Sanitizing of All Food Contact Surfaces and Utensils.  Anything that comes in contact with foo

4 Pieces of Advice for New Restaurant Owners

The restaurant business is one of the toughest industries to be in. It takes a lot to run a successful restaurant. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers some advice to new restaurant owners. Use these tips to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. 1. Find Your Niche. Go down any street in a city and you'll find a variety of food options. As a restaurant owner, you need to find your niche. Don't try to feed everyone; instead, find a singular focus. Choose what cuisine you will serve, set your menu and work on perfecting that menu. You want to be sure you're setting yourself apart from the competition. 2. Keep Your Staff Involved. Restaurants have one of the highest turnover rates when it comes to employees. Be sure to treat your staff like family, and allow them to be involved in the business. When you let your staff feel appreciated, included and needed, they're more likely to stick around. Brainstorm new ideas with them and ask for opinio