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Keeping Your Commercial Ovens in Tip-Top Shape

In order to avoid costly repairs, its important you maintain your commercial ovens. Ovens are an integral part of any kitchen and keeping them in proper working condition will keep your business running smoothly. Fast Fix LLC is here to provide you with some tips and advice on keeping your commercial ovens and ranges in tip-top shape! Cleaning Your Commercial Ovens The best way to maximize the life of your kitchen appliances is to keep them clean. The same principle applies to your commercial ovens and ranges. Cleaning as you go will help you avoid baked on food and liquids, which are much harder to clean. Obviously, you're not going to be able to clean a spill inside the oven until after it's cooled, but if something does spill be sure to clean it up before the next use of the oven. As for the range, you can wipe up spills on the stove top when they happen. For food that gets down under the burners, you'll want to wait until the burner cools and remove it so you ca

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Restaurant Equipment Repair Technician

When an appliance decides to go on strike, it’s always at the most inopportune time - the restaurant is packed, a large order came in or its closing time and the dishes need washing. Many people contemplate repairing the equipment themselves hoping to save money. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but chances are it could end up costing you more in the end, or worse, you may cause irreparable damage and be forced to purchase a new appliance. Although you may feel confident and have some skill mending equipment in the past, hiring a professional Missouri restaurant equipment repair technicain is the best option for an efficient, quality repair. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional technician to take care of your kitchen equipment: Safety First You may have attempted some do-it-yourself repairs over the years, and you aren’t the only one. Many have tried workplace repairs on their own in hopes they can save the company some money. Unfortunately, with th

Beat the Heat Part 2: Maintaining Your Restaurant's Air Conditioning System

During the heat of the summer, it can be difficult to keep your restaurant cool. With ovens and other restaurant equipment running all day, air conditioners in restaurants have to work extra hard to keep the place cool. Therefore, it's imperative that restaurant owners keep their air conditioners maintained. Proper service and maintenance of air conditioners in Missouri restaurants will ensure your system is working efficiently. Benefits of Maintaining Your Restaurant AC  1. Extended Life - Central air conditioners will typically last from 10 to 15 years. Due to the added heat in restaurants, this can significantly increase if your unit is not properly maintained. If your restaurant AC is not serviced regularly, you can expect issues to arise within 10 years. 2. Avoid Costly Repairs - By catching small issues before they turn into larger problems, you can reduce the risk of costly repairs. Did you know that 62% of repair calls could be avoided if the AC system was regu

Beat the Heat Part 1: Maintaining Your Restaurant's Ice Machines

How do you keep cool in the heat of the summer? By enjoying your favorite beverage over ice. Ice, and ice machines, are an integral part of any restaurant. Unlike Europeans, Americans typically like a lot of ice in their drinks. Some restaurants, such as a smoothie bar, even use ice in their recipes. To keep your ice machine in proper working condition, here are a few general maintenance and cleaning tips from your friends at Fast Fix LLC . Preventing Contamination As with any piece of equipment, you can avoid costly food-service equipment maintenance in Missouri by keeping your kitchen nice and clean. Both the exterior and inside of your ice machine should be kept clean, and you should try to avoid any contamination of the ice. Workers who are handling ice should be trained to follow a few rules: Wash your hands before scooping ice Don't handle ice with your bare hands Only touch the ice scoop by the handle only Don't dip into the ice with a glass or anything other

The Difference Between Planned and Preventative Maintenance

What's the difference between planned maintenance and preventative maintenance? To many people, they may seem like the same thing, but to those of us in the Missouri food-service equipment repair industry, those phrases have different meanings that need to be understood by those running kitchens across the state. Fast Fix LLC is here to help you understand the difference between preventative and planned maintenance Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance is maintenance performed regularly on a piece of equipment to decrease the chance of it failing. This type of maintenance is done while the equipment is still working, rather than after it starts having problems. By performing preventative maintenance on restaurant equipment in Missouri , you're less likely to experience equipment breaking down unexpectedly. However, those of us servicing that equipment know that everything fails eventually, and you can never actually completely "prevent" a piece of