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5 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Kitchen Staff

Managing a restaurant kitchen can be a challenge. From ensuring everyone is doing their jobs to making sure people are getting along and working together, a managers job is never ending. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips to make managing your kitchen staff a little easier. 1. Provide Proper Job Training. The first and most important step in managing kitchen staff in a restaurant is providing proper training. Different restaurants run differently, and you want to make sure that everyone working in your kitchen is on the same page. Be sure to provide adequate training before letting new employees jump in. In addition, provide continued training and education to ensure even the seasoned staff doesn't lose sight of how things are to be done. Having a well-trained staff, who sees the possibility to progress in the business and develop their skills, will only help the restaurant. 2. Set Clear Job Expectations. As a restaurant manager, you need to make sure

4 Situations Where a Restaurant Equipment Repair Technician is Needed

The food-service equipment in your commercial kitchen is vital to the success of each breakfast, lunch and/or dinner shift. Without proper working equipment, it's difficult to continue food production as normal. Some equipment may be easily fixed with the help of the operating manual, while other issues may require calling in a professional like Fast Fix LLC . Below are a few common instances where you'd want to consider calling a professional restaurant equipment repair technician in Missouri . 1. The Commercial Oven Isn't Cooking Food Properly.  Whether the oven isn't getting hot enough or it's cooking meals unevenly, you're going to have a problem producing food to keep your customers happy. These two issues are usually due to a problem with the thermostat. It could be installed improperly, need to be re-calibrated or need replaced altogether. Another common problem we see is the pilot light not staying on. This could be the result of a malfunctioning

The History of Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are a typical menu item, especially in the fast food industry. Who doesn't love some crispy french fries to accompany their burger? From mozzarella sticks to onion rings, fried foods offer some of the best side dishes you can find. Who thought to drop food in hot oil to cook it though? Who invented the first deep-fryer, and when did they become a staple in the restaurant industry? Keep reading to learn more about the history of deep-fried foods from your favorite restaurant equipment repair company in Missouri . The History of Deep Fried Foods The process of deep-frying foods is said to have come about in the 5th millennium BC. The Egyptians that invented deep-frying during this time had no idea how it would change the culinary industry. Fried cakes were one of the first foods to be fried (think donuts). Other cultures began to follow suit. For our ancestors, frying food was a quick and easy way to prepare a meal. Deep frying was also a way of preserving foo

Fast Fix LLC - Honest. Reliable. Professional.

As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of your commercial food-service equipment. In order to continue running a successful business, you have to have equipment that works efficiently. If a certain piece of equipment breaks down, some menu items would be difficult or impossible to continue producing. Therefore, it's important to have a trusted restaurant equipment repair company's number on hand! Today's blog focuses on the values of Fast Fix LLC and how we can help you with all your Missouri and Western Illinois restaurant equipment repair needs. Honest. Reliable. Professional.  At Fast Fix LLC, we pride ourselves on three core values: honesty, reliability and professionalism. Our mission follows the "Golden Rule" of treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. Our technicians are professional in work and appearance. We keep abreast of this ever changing profession by sending our techs to schools as new equipment and technology evolv

The 411 on Commercial Mixers

Many commercial kitchens, such as those in bakeries and pizza places, wouldn't be complete without a good commercial mixer to make the dough. Depending on how you plan on using your mixer, there are a variety of different styles you can choose from. All commercial mixers are somewhat complicated pieces of food service equipment though. They have many moving parts, like belts, gears and even a transmission. Therefore, maintaining your commercial mixer is crucial in maximizing the life and productivity of your mixer. Keep reading to learn more about commercial mixers and how to maintain them. Selecting a Commercial Mixer Choosing the right commercial mixer for your restaurant is crucial for successfully producing a quality product, maximizing your yield and increasing profitability. Commercial mixers come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing you want to think about is production. How large is your bakery operation? Think about how much bread, pastries, pizza crusts, etc. y