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Deciding Between Repair or Replacement of Your Commerical Kitchen Equipment

Everyone needs to eat, and we rely more on food-service equipment than we realize. Restaurants especially rely on proper working equipment. Only when a piece of equipment fails do we realize its importance. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC discusses a few tips for deciding whether it's time to repair the equipment or just buy new when it fails.

The 50% Rule
One of the best ways to determine if your money is better spent on repairs or replacement is by using the 50% rule. This rule states that if your appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan and repair is also more than 50% of the cost to buy a new one, it's better to just replace the appliance. A professional restaurant equipment repair technician in Missouri should be able to tell you the average lifespan of the certain piece of equipment, the replacement cost and the repair cost so that you have all the information to make the best decision for you and your business.

Extra Fees
When determining the price to replace a…

4 Ideas for Effectively Managing Your Restaurant Over the Holidays

The holiday season can be one of the most challenging times for restaurants. During the holidays, 61% of restaurants face declining numbers of customers. However, many quick-service restaurants flourish due to the amount of people out shopping. Whether you're planning to stay open all through the holidays or just certain days, there's a lot of planning that goes into restaurant management this time of year. In today's blog, we offer a few tips for effectively managing your restaurant over the holidays!

1. Schedule Staff Accordingly. 
While it may be hard to know exactly how busy you'll be on a holiday weekend, it's important that you consider staffing carefully. You don't want to get slammed with not enough employees, but you also don't want the staff standing around bored and mad that they aren't at home with their families. Consider how busy you were last year over the holidays, and also take into consideration the competition. How many other restaur…

The Importance of Repairing Minor Equipment Issues

One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is keeping your commercial kitchen equipment in good working condition. A restaurant kitchen can't function without equipment, so repairing minor issues is imperative to success. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of repairing minor equipment issues from Fast Fix LLC.

Minor Equipment Repairs 
In some cases, minor equipment repairs may not seem of utmost importance. If the equipment still works and gets the job done, why waste the time or money to get it fixed? The reason is that those minor repairs can easily lead to larger, more costly repairs. Think of it this way, if your car needs an oil change, you take it to the shop to get it done. The car still runs with old oil, but it creates extra wear and tear on your engine that can lead to bigger problems. The same theory applies to your commercial kitchen equipment. The best way to prevent a major equipment malfunction is to keep your equipment properly maint…

4 Most Repaired Pieces of Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen

The restaurant industry is busy and fast paced. Restaurant equipment is running constantly, especially on weekends. One thing restaurants can't afford is for their kitchen equipment to not be working properly. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC discusses what pieces of equipment break down the most in a commercial kitchen.

1. Commercial Ice Makers
One thing American's just can't get enough of is ice in their drinks. All restaurants serve some type of drink, and those ice makers stay extra busy. Commercial ice makers are arguably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in any food establishment. Due to how frequently ice machines must run to continue producing ice all the time, they often need repaired.

2. Commercial Convection Ovens
Another critical piece of food-service equipment would be convection ovens. Whether you own a bakery that relies almost solely on ovens or a dinner restaurant with a signature meatloaf that needs to bake, commercial ovens are an essential pi…

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month. Food safety plays an important role in the food service industry. People working with food need to make sure they're buying, storing, preparing and serving food properly. Being in the food service industry, Fast Fix LLC wanted to share with you some food service safety tips to keep in mind.

Food Labeling
Mislabeled products can lead to allergic reactions or other sickness due to expired food. Therefore, it's extremely important that restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry have a system in place for properly labeling foods, and also have a training program in place to make sure every employee understands the importance of proper labeling and how it works at your establishment. Quality and freshness of product is critical to the success of any restaurant.

Commercial Refrigeration
Your commercial kitchen equipment also plays a big role in food safety. Without properly working refrigeration units, you wouldn&…

Keep An Eye On Your Commercial Ovens This Thanksgiving

If your restaurant is planning to be open on Thanksgiving Day, you're probably preparing to cook a ton of turkey. Those commercial ovens are going to be working hard, and the more you work them, the more likely a problem is to occur. While we hope your ovens make it through the holiday without any issues, Fast Fix LLC is here to help if they don't! Keep reading to learn about some of the most common commercial oven problems:

1.The Pilot Won't Stay Lit. 
Probably the most common problem that occurs with commercial ovens is that the pilot won't stay lit. Typically, its the thermocouple that causes this problem. The thermocouple needs to be directly in the flame; if it is in the flame and won't stay lit, it's probably defective and needs replaced. If you've replaced the thermocouple and it still won't stay lit, then the safety valve is probably defective. Keep in mind that some safety valves have the thermocouple permanently attached so you may have to ju…

Preparing Your Restaurant Kitchen for the Holiday Rush

With Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years quickly approaching, now's the time to start preparing your commercial kitchens for the holiday rush. For many restaurant owners, November and December are hectic months. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips to help you prepare your kitchens for the season!

1. Double Check Your Inventory. 

With the increased business during the holiday season, you want to make sure you have plenty of ingredients stocked. Take a look at your sales during November and December of last year to project how busy you think you'll be this year. It's always better to have too much than not enough. Running out of key ingredients, especially if you're offering holiday menu specials, will not help in keeping your customers happy. In addition to the food, you also want to make sure you have enough dishware. Throughout the year, dishes can break and by the end of the year, you might be running a little low.

2. Increase Your Staff. 
An inc…

The American Culinary Federation

Fast Fix LLC is a proud member of the American Culinary Federation! As restaurant equipment repair technicians in Missouri and Western Illinois, we play an important role in the food-service industry. In order for chefs to be efficient and successful, they need properly working food-service equipment!

About the American Culinary Federation
Established in 1929, the American Culinary Federation (AFC) is the premier professional chefs' organization in North America with more than 175,000 members in over 150 chapters nationwide. They are an organization based on promoting the professional image of American chefs worldwide through education of culinarians at all levels. ACF is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation designed to enhance professional growth for all current and future chefs and pastry chefs. They offer culinary competitions, certification, a national apprenticeship program, regional and national event…

Make Sure Your Restaurant Heating System is Ready for the Upcoming Winter Season

At Fast Fix LLC, we do more than just food-service equipment repairs in Missouri and Western Illinois. We focus on all aspects of keeping your kitchen running efficiently, and that includes furnace repairs. While it may not seem like it with the warm weather we're still experiencing at the beginning of November, winter is on its way. Now is the time to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape for the upcoming winter season!

Common Furnace Issues 
Many consumers experience issues with their furnace, especially after its been sitting unused for months. When you own a restaurant, you need an efficient heating system to stay in business through the cold winter months. Below are a few common furnace issues you should be aware of. By repairing these issues as soon as you notice them, you can prevent the need for larger, more costly repairs.

1. Dirty or Clogged Filters - Dirty filters restrict airflow, making the furnace work harder to circulate the air. In some cases, a clogged filter …

Benefits of Maintaining Your Steam Tables

If your restaurant offers a buffet style meal, you're sure to have several steam tables that you rely on to keep the food nice and hot. What would happen to your business if your steam tables no longer worked properly? In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few benefits of maintaining your steam tables.

Benefits of Steam Table Maintenance 
1. Have Satisfied Customers.

One of the main benefits of a properly maintained steam table is that you have satisfied guests. No customer wants cold food that's supposed to be hot. Maintaining your steam table and ensuring the food is hot, will not only make your customers happy, but also keep the food at a safe temperature.  

2. Maintain Food Safety Guidelines.

If the food on your buffet is found to be below 140°, it's a violation of the health department code. This can result in a fine from the health inspector, a specified time to get the steam table working properly again or they can shut your restaurant down. You could also rece…

The Benefits of Using Energy Star Restaurant Equipment

Did you know that restaurants use about 5-7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings? Restaurants generally use the most energy for refrigeration, while lighting and cooling come in second and third as far as energy usage. What can we do as restaurant owners to reduce the amount of energy we use? In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC discusses Energy Star products and how they can benefit your commercial kitchen.

What is Energy Star? 
Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products originated in the United States. It was created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The Energy Star service mark is placed on equipment that is "energy-efficient."

The Impact of Energy Usage
How we use energy has a huge impact on our environment. Most of America's sources of energy still pollute the environment, harm the climate and can even cause health problems among us. The best way you can help…

The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

When it comes to your Missouri commercial food equipment service needs, you can count on Fast Fix LLC. We are proud members of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA). In today's blog, we give you an overview of what this organization is all about and what our membership means to our customers.

What is CFESA? 
The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association is the trade association of professional service and parts distributors. Members of CFESA help you reduce downtime for your equipment so that you can keep your business up and running smoothly. CFESA Certified Technicians have a higher first time fix rate than other food-service equipment repair technicians in Missouri and Western Illinois. You can count on CFESA members to get your equipment functioning properly in no time!   

CFESA's Mission & Vision
The Mission of CFESA is to anticipate trends and provide resources, training and education to support excellence in service. The vision of the CFESA …

Things To Know About Opening a Restaurant

Have you thought about opening a restaurant? The restaurant industry is an interesting one, and there are a lot of things you need to do as a restaurant owner to be successful. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few things you should know about opening a restaurant before you get started:

1. Have a Clear Concept. 
When you decide to open a restaurant, there are a lot of different ways you can go. Do you want to focus on just one type of cuisine? Do you want to offer gourmet food or something more affordable to everyone? Do you want to focus on breakfast and lunch, or dinner and nightlife? Make sure that you understand the concept of your restaurant and that it will be easily portrayed to your customers as well.

2. Choose the Right Location. 
The location of your restaurant can make or break you. Do some research on possible locations. Look at how busy the area is, how much parking space is available and what other restaurants are nearby. What type of customers are you hoping t…

Maintaining Your Commercial Griddles

Griddles are a very important aspect of any commercial kitchen. This piece of restaurant equipment is used to cook a variety of different foods. Therefore, its imperative that you keep your griddles in proper working condition. This includes daily cleaning and regular maintenance. Taking care of your griddle will help maintain cooking efficiency and prevent flavor transfer. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for keeping your commercial griddle in tip-top shape.

1. Scrape Off Food Regularly.
Whether you're cooking pancakes or burgers, it's important to scrape excess food off the griddle after every use throughout the day with a grill scraper. When you cook on a griddle, fats, juices and other food debris gets left behind on the griddle's surface. If this grease and grime isn't removed regularly, it will accumulate into a thick, gummy layer that is extremely hard to remove. In addition, having that layer on your grill will impact your cooking efficiency…

A Look At The Restaurant Kitchen

The success of a restaurant revolves around the kitchen. To run a restaurant, you need industrial grade equipment, an organized layout, motivated and trained employees, and the drive to be successful. Keep reading to learn more about restaurant kitchens and the keys to keeping them running successfully.

Kitchen Equipment 
One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant kitchen involves the equipment. Not only do you need industrial grade equipment, much different than that of the kitchen appliances in your home, you also need equipment that stays in proper working order. The best way to achieve a healthy kitchen in regards to the equipment, is to sign up for our individualized restaurant equipment maintenance plan in Missouri and Western Illinois. Your kitchen equipment is a huge investment and we're here to help you keep it lasting as long as possible.  

Kitchen Organization
The kitchen is where food is stored, prepared, cooked and plated. Unlike in a home kitchen, re…

3 Things A Restaurant Owner Should Be Focusing On

As a restaurant owner, you have a lot of things to worry about. Honestly though, what things should you be worrying about and what things should be left to a manager? While you may need to fill in occasionally in emergency situations, you shouldn't be working the line, prepping food, taking orders or cleaning regularly. As the owner, you have other responsibilities that you need to be focusing on to run a successful restaurant. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC takes a look at 3 things that restaurant owners should be focusing on.

1. The Numbers
As the owner, it's your job to create a budget for your restaurant. Having a budget and sticking to it is critical in the food service industry. A budget will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive, and is a key to being profitable. You need to make sure that you're making more than you're spending. The budget will allow you to examine how you're operating, determine what systems are working and what systems might n…

Maintaining Your Bar Equipment

Just like with your restaurant kitchen, keeping your bar equipment clean and maintained is important for running a successful bar. A dirty or run-down bar will drive customers away. They'll find a nicer, cleaner place to take their business if you don't take pride in your establishment and keep it in tip-top shape. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for maintaining your bar to keep those customers happy and flowing in.

Keeping Up on Equipment 
Bar equipment is a big investment, so it's important to keep the equipment maintained. Due to the fact that there's so much liquid passing through a bar, it's essential to keep your equipment up-to-date and fully functioning. Be sure to train your staff about the importance of maintaining your equipment to avoid costly repairs. When a repair is needed, however, you can count on Fast Fix LLC to get it done fast - we offer 24/7 emergency service, which is important to a busy, fast-paced establishment like a bar…