Keep An Eye On Your Commercial Ovens This Thanksgiving

If your restaurant is planning to be open on Thanksgiving Day, you're probably preparing to cook a ton of turkey. Those commercial ovens are going to be working hard, and the more you work them, the more likely a problem is to occur. While we hope your ovens make it through the holiday without any issues, Fast Fix LLC is here to help if they don't! Keep reading to learn about some of the most common commercial oven problems:

1.The Pilot Won't Stay Lit. 

Probably the most common problem that occurs with commercial ovens is that the pilot won't stay lit. Typically, its the thermocouple that causes this problem. The thermocouple needs to be directly in the flame; if it is in the flame and won't stay lit, it's probably defective and needs replaced. If you've replaced the thermocouple and it still won't stay lit, then the safety valve is probably defective. Keep in mind that some safety valves have the thermocouple permanently attached so you may have to just replace the entire thing.

2. The Oven Won't Heat Up Properly. 

The second most common commercial oven issue deals with the thermostat. When you set the thermostat and the oven does not reach that temperature, you have one of two problems. In this case, the thermostat may be defective or it may be out of calibration. To check the calibration, place an accurately working thermometer in the oven and set it to 250°. Open the kick plate below the oven door and watch the burner flame. If it does off before the oven reaches 250°, you may need to calibrate it. Refer to the owners manual or check online for instructions on how to calibrate the type of thermostat on your oven. If that doesn't work, you'll need to replace the thermostat.

3. The Oven Gets Too Hot. 

The oven getting too hot is also a thermostat problem. You'll want to first try calibrating the thermostat as you would if it wasn't heating properly. If you can't get that to work, you'll need to replace the thermostat and then it should start working properly again.

4. The Oven Does Not Cook Evenly. 

A common problem that occurs after a new thermostat is installed is that the oven doesn't cook the food evenly. All thermostats have a capillary tube with a bulb attached to the end that senses the temperature in the oven. If the bulb is not put back in the same place (maybe its hanging in the oven cavity), then the thermostat will run wild and cook the food unevenly. If the bulb is installed properly, the issue could be a defective thermostat.  

If you're experiencing any of these issues while preparing your Thanksgiving meals or after the holiday cooking is complete and you get back to your regular restaurant schedule, give Fast Fix LLC a call at 573-254-3748. We offer 24/7 emergency restaurant equipment repair in Missouri and Western Illinois. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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