Cleaning and Maintaining Your Commercial Bread Slicer

One piece of equipment that can easily get overlooked when cleaning your restaurant kitchen is the bread slicer. Commercial bread slicers are used to slice entire loaves of bread in even, consistent slices. They are very common in bakeries,  as well as other restaurants that bake their own bread. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for cleaning and maintaining commercial bread slicers:

Cleaning Your Commercial Bread Slicer

Commercial bread slicers are power-operated. Therefore, you need to use extra caution when cleaning then to ensure that you do not snag your clothing, slice your hand or get any parts of the machinery wet. They are also razor sharp, so they require special care when cleaning them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  1. Read the instruction manual before beginning any cleaning or maintenance. 
  2. Always unplug your bread slicer before attempting to clean it or perform any maintenance. 
  3. Always wear safety gloves to protect your hands. 
  4. Use a dampened rag with a little sanitizer on it to wipe down the equipment, including the blade. 
  5. Always wipe down the bread slicer with hot water (ring out the rag so it's just damp) after cleaning to prevent the risk of bread tasting like sanitizer. 
  6. Always dry your bread slicer with a dry rag after cleaning it to avoid rust. 
  7. Never press on the blade with the rag while you are cleaning it, as they are very sharp and you could easily cut yourself. 
  8. When replacing the blades, remove and replace each blade one at a time - and make sure they are all put in the right position. 
  9. Tighten all screws when you are done cleaning and maintaining your bread slicer. 

Maintaining Your Commercial Bread Slicer

When you slice bread, you end up with lots of little crumbs. Therefore, most machines have removable parts for easy cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to clean out the crumbs regularly to not only improve food safety, but also so they don't build up and effect the efficiency of the machine. You don't want crumbs to end up blocking parts and preventing the machine from operating properly. Another way to maintain your bread slicer is to change out the slicer blades on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on how much bread you are slicing. If you slice less than 50 loaves per day, you'll probably be fine switching out the blade once a year. However, if you slice more than 500 loaves per day, you'll want to change the blade about every 2 months.

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