Preparing Your Restaurant Kitchen for the Holiday Rush

With Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years quickly approaching, now's the time to start preparing your commercial kitchens for the holiday rush. For many restaurant owners, November and December are hectic months. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips to help you prepare your kitchens for the season!

1. Double Check Your Inventory. 

With the increased business during the holiday season, you want to make sure you have plenty of ingredients stocked. Take a look at your sales during November and December of last year to project how busy you think you'll be this year. It's always better to have too much than not enough. Running out of key ingredients, especially if you're offering holiday menu specials, will not help in keeping your customers happy. In addition to the food, you also want to make sure you have enough dishware. Throughout the year, dishes can break and by the end of the year, you might be running a little low.

2. Increase Your Staff. 

An increase in customers presents the need for more staff. During the busy holiday season, it's a good idea to schedule more staff than you usually need. It's much easier to send people home when they aren't needed than trying to call people in when it gets busy. You might even consider hiring some extra part-time help just to get through the holidays.

3. Provide Proper Training. 

In addition to scheduling the extra staff, it's important that you have staff meetings and training sessions to make sure everyone is prepared to handle the holiday rush. If you're offering holiday menu specials, its important everyone understands what they are and the price. You also want to make sure everyone knows what extra tasks may be expected of them. Everyone will need to pitch in to keep things clean and everything running efficiently.

4. Implement Cleaning Guidelines. 

An increase in production will lead to a messier kitchen. It's important that all staff members keep up with cleaning throughout the day, instead of letting it pile up. Leaving everything to clean at the end of the day will create extra, unnecessary work. Make sure there is a system in place to ensure clean dishes and cutlery throughout the night as well.

5. Have Fast Fix LLC on Speed Dial. 

In order to produce the food for the increased holiday traffic, your restaurant equipment will be working extra hard. What would it mean for your restaurant if a vital piece of commercial food-service equipment broke down? It's important you have a professional you can call. Our restaurant equipment repair technicians in Missouri and Western Illinois are available 24/7 for all repair and maintenance needs!

Fast Fix LLC is your honest, reliable, professionally trained commercial food-service equipment repair and maintenance provider in Missouri and Western Illinois. Our staff has over 200 years combined experience repairing and maintaining commercial and residential HVAC, food-service equipment, electrical, gas, plumbing and light carpentry work. One call does it all - contact us at 573-254-3748!

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