Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month. Food safety plays an important role in the food service industry. People working with food need to make sure they're buying, storing, preparing and serving food properly. Being in the food service industry, Fast Fix LLC wanted to share with you some food service safety tips to keep in mind.

Food Labeling

Mislabeled products can lead to allergic reactions or other sickness due to expired food. Therefore, it's extremely important that restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry have a system in place for properly labeling foods, and also have a training program in place to make sure every employee understands the importance of proper labeling and how it works at your establishment. Quality and freshness of product is critical to the success of any restaurant.

Commercial Refrigeration

Your commercial kitchen equipment also plays a big role in food safety. Without properly working refrigeration units, you wouldn't be able to store your perishable foods at the proper temperature. In addition to storing foods at the proper temperature, it's also imperative to pay attention to how long the items are stored. Many meats are only good in the refrigerator for a couple of days, whereas they can last in the freezer for a couple of months. Be sure to look up a chart, such as the one on, to see how long certain foods will stay fresh.

Commercial Cooking

While it's important to store foods at the proper temperature until they are ready to be prepared, it's also vital to cook foods to the proper temperature, especially when it comes to meat. Remember that you can't tell if meat is safely cooked just by looking at it; you'll need to use a food thermometer to ensure that the food reaches a safe minimum internal temperature. In order to properly cook food, your equipment needs to be functioning correctly. On the, charts can also be found online for the proper internal temperatures of certain foods.

Food Service Equipment

Food service safety standards would be impossible to meet with faulty equipment. Freezers, refrigerators, ice makers and more are our specialty. For any food-service equipment that's not working properly, just give us a call at573-254-3748. We are your honest, reliable, professionally trained restaurant equipment repair provider in Missouri and Western Illinois!

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