4 Most Repaired Pieces of Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen

The restaurant industry is busy and fast paced. Restaurant equipment is running constantly, especially on weekends. One thing restaurants can't afford is for their kitchen equipment to not be working properly. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC discusses what pieces of equipment break down the most in a commercial kitchen.

1. Commercial Ice Makers

One thing American's just can't get enough of is ice in their drinks. All restaurants serve some type of drink, and those ice makers stay extra busy. Commercial ice makers are arguably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in any food establishment. Due to how frequently ice machines must run to continue producing ice all the time, they often need repaired.

2. Commercial Convection Ovens

Another critical piece of food-service equipment would be convection ovens. Whether you own a bakery that relies almost solely on ovens or a dinner restaurant with a signature meatloaf that needs to bake, commercial ovens are an essential piece of equipment. It's a versatile tool that every kitchen should have. Due to the high usage and versatility, convection ovens are another piece of equipment that regularly needs repaired.

3. Commercial Refrigeration Units

Running a restaurant would be impossible without some type of refrigeration units. Even if all your food is fresh, never frozen, you'll need to keep some items cold until they're ready to be used. Just like with your home refrigerator and freezer, the constant use of these machines, the opening and closing of the doors, makes these units prone to wearing out and breaking down. Door seals often need repaired to keep the cold air in.

4. Commercial Griddles    

Especially popular in fast food establishments, griddles are another important piece of equipment. They can be used to cook everything from pancakes to hamburgers and more! Any piece of restaurant that is used for a variety of different things will need to be repaired from time to time.

While there are things you can do, such as regular cleaning, to make your commercial kitchen equipment last longer, maintenance and repairs are inevitable. Fast Fix LLC is here to help with all your Missouri and Western Illinois restaurant equipment repair needs. Give us a call at 573-254-3748 to have one of our certified commercial food-service equipment repair technicians in Missouri come out and take a look at your kitchen. We offer 24/7 emergency service, as well as warranty work for a variety of manufacturers. One call does it all!

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