Maintaining Your Commercial Griddles

Griddles are a very important aspect of any commercial kitchen. This piece of restaurant equipment is used to cook a variety of different foods. Therefore, its imperative that you keep your griddles in proper working condition. This includes daily cleaning and regular maintenance. Taking care of your griddle will help maintain cooking efficiency and prevent flavor transfer. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for keeping your commercial griddle in tip-top shape.

1. Scrape Off Food Regularly.

Whether you're cooking pancakes or burgers, it's important to scrape excess food off the griddle after every use throughout the day with a grill scraper. When you cook on a griddle, fats, juices and other food debris gets left behind on the griddle's surface. If this grease and grime isn't removed regularly, it will accumulate into a thick, gummy layer that is extremely hard to remove. In addition, having that layer on your grill will impact your cooking efficiency and food taste, as the heat won't transfer as evenly.

2. Remove Tough Grime When Needed. 

If you fail to accomplish tip #1 and your griddle becomes extremely soiled, you may need to use a griddle or grill brick. While the griddle surface is still warm, use the brick to gently rub off caked-on grease and food. Make sure that you rub in the direction of the grain so that you don't damage the surface.

3. Clean the Griddle Daily. 

If you've been scraping food off the griddle throughout the day, the end of day cleaning should be relatively easy. You'll want to make sure to empty the waste drawer at the end of the day, if not sooner. Be sure to wash and sanitize the waste drawer in preparation for the following day of cooking on the griddle. You may also want to use a grill squeegee to clean the griddle's surface at the end of the day.

4. Deep-Clean the Griddle Once a Week. 

Be sure to include the griddle in your weekly cleaning checklist. Once a week, you'll want to unplug the griddle, allowing it to cool completely. Then use a fresh cleaning cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to clean the surface of the griddle. Be sure to rinse the griddle thoroughly with water.

5. Seasoning the Griddle. 

After cleaning the griddle, you may need to re-season the surface. This is done to prevent food from sticking to the griddle. Once the griddle is clean, using a lent free cloth, carefully rub shortening or oil on it. Then heat the griddle to 350°-400° F. When the right temperature is reached, be sure to turn off the griddle and let it cool for awhile. Excess oil must be wiped/scraped off before you start cooking again.

6. Fix Minor Maintenance Issues 

If you notice your commercial griddle is not heating evenly (when clean) or not heating to the proper temperature, call a professional restaurant equipment repair company in Missouri. It's important that minor maintenance issues are fixed in a timely manor to avoid the need for major, costly repairs in the future. For all your Missouri and Western Illinois food-service equipment maintenance and repair needs, give Fast Fix LLC a call at 573-254-3748.

Fast Fix LLC is your honest, reliable, professionally trained commercial food-service equipment repair provider in Missouri and Western Illinois. Our respectful, factory-trained and certified restaurant equipment repair technicians are available 24/7 for any emergency service. We provide warranty work for many manufacturers and offer competitive rates. For more information on how we can help improve the health of your restaurant kitchen, give us a call at 573-254-3748.

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