5 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Kitchen Staff

Managing a restaurant kitchen can be a challenge. From ensuring everyone is doing their jobs to making sure people are getting along and working together, a managers job is never ending. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips to make managing your kitchen staff a little easier.

1. Provide Proper Job Training.

The first and most important step in managing kitchen staff in a restaurant is providing proper training. Different restaurants run differently, and you want to make sure that everyone working in your kitchen is on the same page. Be sure to provide adequate training before letting new employees jump in. In addition, provide continued training and education to ensure even the seasoned staff doesn't lose sight of how things are to be done. Having a well-trained staff, who sees the possibility to progress in the business and develop their skills, will only help the restaurant.

2. Set Clear Job Expectations.

As a restaurant manager, you need to make sure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. While some personalities will be good at determining where they are needed, others have to be told what needs to be done. Make sure each employee's job duties are clear. This should be addressed from the beginning, during their training. Ensure they know what to do during a dinner rush, and also what to do during the slow times. Setting clear job expectations will make managing your kitchen staff much easier.

3. Encourage & Demonstrate Teamwork. 

Teamwork is more efficient than individual work, especially in the restaurant industry. As the manager, you want to create favorable conditions for working together as a team. While each staff member will need to know their own duties, they should also be ready to jump and help their fellow workers when needed. This should be translated in what you do as well; if your staff is struggling, be prepared to jump in yourself and help out. A well organized team that knows when and how to help each other out is key for a successful meal service.

4. Respect & Trust Your Staff.

Having mutual respect and trust for your staff is also key. You want to know that everything can run smoothly without you monitoring every single detail. When you invest trust in your staff, they are more likely to rise to the challenge and feel more invested in the business. Empower your staff to deal with small issues themselves rather than coming to you for every little thing. However, you still want to ensure they know when it's important to get you involved. Keep in mind also that you need to give respect to get respect.

5. Motivate & Support Your Staff.

To get the best out of your kitchen staff, it's important to keep them motivated and engaged. The first way to do this is to get your staff involved beyond their individual job duties. This can include letting them brainstorm new ideas for the restaurant, and allowing them to have a voice in team meetings. Keeping open lines of communication, that go both ways, is also key to the success of your restaurant. Ultimately, restaurant success is the product of the aforementioned teamwork!

You can worry about managing your staff, and leave worrying about the efficiency of your restaurant equipment to us! Fast Fix LLC is here for all your Missouri restaurant equipment maintenance and repair needs. From refrigeration units to cooking equipment, we're here to ensure everything is working to promote the health of your commercial kitchen.

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