4 Situations Where a Restaurant Equipment Repair Technician is Needed

The food-service equipment in your commercial kitchen is vital to the success of each breakfast, lunch and/or dinner shift. Without proper working equipment, it's difficult to continue food production as normal. Some equipment may be easily fixed with the help of the operating manual, while other issues may require calling in a professional like Fast Fix LLC. Below are a few common instances where you'd want to consider calling a professional restaurant equipment repair technician in Missouri.

1. The Commercial Oven Isn't Cooking Food Properly. 

Whether the oven isn't getting hot enough or it's cooking meals unevenly, you're going to have a problem producing food to keep your customers happy. These two issues are usually due to a problem with the thermostat. It could be installed improperly, need to be re-calibrated or need replaced altogether. Another common problem we see is the pilot light not staying on. This could be the result of a malfunctioning safety valve or thermocouple, and is definitely a job for a professional.

2. Commercial Refrigeration Isn't Maintaining the Proper Temperature. 

In order to run a restaurant, you have to keep a lot of foods on hand. Many of those foods need to be placed in a refrigerator or freezer until time for use. Foods have to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent bacteria growth. If your commercial refrigeration units aren't staying at the proper temperature, you're going to want to call in a professional Missouri restaurant equipment repair person. While some issues could be minor like replacing the door seal or cleaning the evaporator coil, other causes of the problem could involve more repair needs, like a malfunctioning condenser or defective thermostat.

3. The Commercial Fryers Aren't Coming On. 

If you're in the fast food business, commercial fryers are a vital part of your operation. You can't cook french fries, tater tots, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, etc. with a fryer that won't come on. The four parts that most commonly cause fryers to fail are the hi-limit, the thermopile, the combination safety gas valve and the thermostat. If your fryer isn't working properly or isn't coming on at all, it's probably time to call in a professional to determine the problem and repair it for you.

4. Your Restaurant Utility Bill has Increased. 

If you notice your utility bill has increased significantly, chances are some of your appliances could be pulling more energy than they should. Malfunctioning equipment can draw more energy as a way to over compensate for the issue. To find the issues, you'll want to contact your commercial kitchen equipment service provider in Western Illinois or Missouri. The technician will be able to inspect the appliances for any possible issues. By keeping your restaurant equipment regularly maintained, you can likely avoid spikes in your utility bills.

At Fast Fix LLC, we service and maintain a variety of different food-service equipment brands. We provide 24/7 emergency service, as well as warranty work. Give us a call at 573-544-0456 for all your Missouri and Western Illinois restaurant equipment maintenance and repair needs.

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