5 Best Practices to Extend the Life of Your Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment can be quite expensive and without commercial food-service equipment, you can't run a restaurant. Therefore, anything you can do to extend the life of your equipment is crucial in the success of your business. Fast Fix LLC wants to help you increase the longevity of your restaurant equipment by providing you with these 5 best practices:

1. Clean Your Equipment Constantly. 

Cleaning should be a daily occurrence in a restaurant. From dishes to the counters, restaurant employees are constantly cleaning. However, more than just the pots and pans need to be cleaned. It's important to also clean the restaurant equipment. Depending on the type of equipment, you should clean it either after every use or daily. This will prevent food, grime, dust and rust from building up on machine components, thus preventing premature malfunction.

2. Use Proper Cleaning Supplies. 

Each piece of equipment may require a different cleaning method. Be sure that the cleaners you're using are safe for the piece of equipment that you're attempting to clean. You should always refer to the machine's operating manual for cleaning instructions. Since most restaurant equipment is made of stainless steel, you'll want to use mild detergents and soft cloths. Make sure you also wash with the grain in order to prevent staining and corrosion.

3. Inspect Your Equipment Regularly. 

In addition to cleaning your equipment, you'll also want to inspect each piece regularly. By performing routine checks on your equipment, you can often prevent small problems from becoming larger, more costly issues. You'll want to check your equipment's components, connections and all moving parts for any loose parts, leaks, and general wear and tear. Consider creating an equipment service log book to track how often your equipment has been inspected and when it's due to be looked at again. Regularly scheduled maintenance should include cleaning and calibrating commercial ovens and checking walk-in cooler temperatures.

4. Address Major Equipment Malfunctions Immediately. 

Not only do equipment malfunctions affect your kitchen production, but they can lead to even bigger issues if not addressed. If there's clearly something wrong with your restaurant equipment, cease use until a professional Missouri food-service equipment repair company can take a look at it. Failure to properly repair an issue can lead to more expensive repairs or even a need for replacement in the future. Consider setting up a service contract with a professional restaurant equipment repair company. Fast Fix LLC offers restaurant equipment maintenance plans in Missouri and Western Illinois on an individual basis.

5. Operate Your Equipment Properly. 

Make sure that your restaurant equipment is being used properly and for its intended use only. Misuse and abuse of restaurant equipment eventually leads to malfunction and a shorter lifespan. You can increase the longevity of your restaurant equipment by training your employees on the proper use of each piece of equipment in your kitchen. They should also be trained on cleaning procedures and routine maintenance, as discussed in the previous points.

If your restaurant equipment is in need of repair, give us a call at 573-254-3748. Fast Fix LLC provides honest, reliable, and professional commercial food-service equipment service and repair in Missouri and Western Illinois. Our factory-trained and certified restaurant equipment repair technicians are available 24/7 for any emergency service. We have over 200 years combined experience repairing and maintaining commercial and residential equipment. For all your restaurant equipment repair needs, contact Fast Fix LLC.

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