A Maintenance Calendar for Your Restaurant - May

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any restaurant owner that regular maintenance is a MUST for your establishment. Equipment gets used, it breaks down, you make repairs, and the cycle starts over again. This is why it can be so valuable to have a maintenance calendar that you stick to. Regular kitchen equipment maintenance in Missouri can help keep your tools lasting longer and running more efficiently, so it seems like a no-brainer. Every month there are a few things you can do to stay on schedule, so here are some suggestions for May before the month finishes out!

Clean Refrigerator Coils

While you probably already have a refrigerator maintenance contractor in St. Louis (aka Fast Fix LLC!) come in to regularly inspect and deep clean your equipment, depending on the schedule you are on, it could be several weeks or even months in between service. In the meantime, a lot of debris can build up, so it’s important to inspect the condition of your coils at least monthly and remove a layer of dust to improve function, as well as prevent problems.

Change A/C and Furnace Filters

When your A/C filter gets clogged, it should come as no surprise that dust and dirt start getting into the air conditioner itself. This causes unnecessary wear and tear on the parts, and, you guessed it more breakdowns. According to ENERGY STAR, you should check and change the A/C filter every month during peak season.

Check Refrigeration Door Gaskets & Hardware

Any type of split or crack can prevent the door from sealing shut, which causes cool air to exit the fridge. Not only does this affect the quality of the food inside it, but it also can increase your energy bill. If you use grease in your facility, you'll want to consider cleaning these gaskets more often, but even so, you should routinely clean the gaskets.

De-Scale & Sanitize Ice Machines & Bins 

Ice machines can get dirty quickly when it comes to lime, scale, and mineral deposits. You can get a commercial cleaner and mix it with water to clean all of the components, and use a soft-bristle brush or sponge to carefully clean the parts. Sanitizing your ice machine is also important because occasionally mold or build-up can occur in the moist environment.

Boil-Clean Fryer Elements 

Opinions will differ, but it’s generally considered a good rule of thumb to do a deep clean, boil out every 3 months or so. However, you don’t have to be afraid of doing a boil out sooner, especially if you notice residue accumulation.

Find Something Suspicious?

While performing your routine cleaning tasks, if you notice something unusual, don’t be afraid to call! Fast Fix LLC is just that, FAST. We offer emergency services for customers who find that an item needs to be repaired FAST. One call does it all, and we are proud of that. If you aren’t signed up with our Maintenance Agreement, it’s a wonderful way to make sure that services are completed routinely. We offer competitive rates to all restaurants, school districts, senior care facilities, and commercial food businesses in the Mid-Missouri region. Ready to learn more? Visit our website! We would love to get you on board.

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