Cleaning & Maintaining Your Salamander Broiler

Many professional kitchens contain a salamander broiler. This piece of equipment is used for grilling and toasting, melting cheese and the browning of grain dishes. Unlike a traditional broiler, a salamander broiler has belts and grates that are constantly exposed to foods. Therefore, it's very important that this piece of equipment remain clean and well-maintained. Keep reading to learn how to properly clean and maintain this piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

Cleaning Your Salamander Broiler 

The main issues with not properly caring for your salamander broiler are the sanitation and health risks. Not only does this put your restaurant at risk of a health code violation, but you're also risking the safety of your customers. In addition, the equipment can smoke excessively if it's not kept clean of food remnants. Below are some tips for cleaning your salamander broiler:
  • Be sure to cool the salamander broiler completely before attempting to clean it. This piece of equipment produces dangerously high temperatures and can easily burn you if you're not careful.
  • Start with the spill pan. Remove it carefully and properly dispose of the grease, oil and food particles. Once you've removed the majority of the pans contents, use warm water and dish soap to finish cleaning it. 
  • Remove any and all removable parts. The machine is must easier to clean in pieces, and removing the parts will ensure areas are not missed. Trays, racks and belts are typically all removable, but be sure to refer to the manual for your specific piece of equipment. For the best clean, you might want to soak these parts overnight to loosen any cooked on grime. 
  • While all the parts are removed, you can easily clean the base of the salamander broiler. Be sure to wipe the entire thing down with a warm water and soap.
  • Avoid any harsh chemicals when cleaning this equipment, as residue can be left behind and affect the food that's later cooked in the salamander broiler. 
  • Use a wire brush or similar scraping tool to remove stuck-on food particles. However, DO NOT use steel wool or a similar scrub pad, as that can leave behind small particles that can get into food. 
The frequency that you need to clean your salamander broiler like this just depends on the amount of use it gets in your restaurant. Typically, you will want to thoroughly clean it at least once a week. Cleaning it will not only prevent sanitation and health risk issues, but it will keep your equipment working longer and more efficiently.

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance 

If you're having issues with your salamander broiler working properly, give Fast Fix LLC a call at 573-544-0456. We offer 24/7 emergency restaurant equipment repair in Missouri and Western Illinois. Whether it's your salamander broiler or another piece of food service equipment, we've got all your maintenance and repair needs covered! If you're calling us for the first time, be sure to ask about our new customer discount. 

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