Preventing Electrical Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen safety is a top concern in the food service industry. With a variety of different appliances and equipment, there's a lot of electricity running through a restaurant. Water spills and grease will only increase the risk of electrical hazards. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC focuses on the electrical hazards associated with a commercial kitchen.

Electricity & Water

Both electricity and water are typically involved in food preparation. When working in a commercial kitchen, it's important that you don't touch anything electrical with wet hands. Keep a towel nearby when working in the kitchen to prevent water on your skin from coming in contact with anything that could potentially shock you. Be sure to keep any countertop appliances away from the sink and unplugged when not in use.

Grounding & Overloaded Circuits 

Don't use extension cords on a permanent basis. Temporary use of extension cords will work if no other option is available; however, it's extremely important to have all appliances plugged directly into grounded outlets. If an extension cord is warm when in use, it's being overloaded and can cause a fire or electrocution. In this case, you would want to find a thicker extension cord. In addition, you want to avoid plugging more than one appliance into the same plug or circuit. Doing so would overload the outlet, the wiring and the circuit breaker. Therefore, it's important that you have a sufficient amount of outlets in your commercial kitchen to handle all your appliances. Employees should be trained on how to properly use plugs, which plugs are ideal for use and how to properly insert and remove plugs.

Damaged Equipment 

It's important to regularly inspect your equipment for damage. One common issue that can lead to electrical shock is worn out or damaged power cords. To keep power cords in top condition, be sure to unplug equipment by pulling on the plug itself and not the cord. In addition, avoid touching the prongs of a plug while inserting it into an outlet. Don't try to repair an appliance when it's still plugged in. In addition, be sure to refer to the equipment manual when attempting to repair damaged equipment. The best way to avoid electrical hazards or other injury due to damaged equipment is to hire a professional restaurant equipment repair technician in Missouri or Western Illinios to handle any repairs.  

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