Maintaining Your Pizza Oven

February 9 is National Pizza Day! This deliciously cheesy food is a popular menu item at a variety of restaurants. When you're busy cooking pizzas, you don't think much about maintaining your pizza ovens. Often times, you don't think about it until the pizza ovens stop working. In today's blog, Fast Fix LLC offers a few tips for maintaining your pizza ovens to keep them working not only more efficiently, but also longer. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your pizza oven is crucial to creating the perfect pizza.

Tips for Cleaning Your Pizza Oven 

To ensure that the oven works efficiently and that your pizza does not take on any unwanted smells, flavors or textures, it's important to clean your pizza oven regularly. Before attempting to clean your pizza oven, make sure that it has completely cooled. Consider investing in a pizza oven brush/scraper. If you don't have one, a chef's knife can be used, just make sure not to dig into the surfaces as doing so may damage the oven. Depending on the type of pizza oven you use in your commercial kitchen, there are different cleaning techniques to keep in mind.

Deck Ovens

When cleaning a deck oven, avoid using water or cleaning solution near the pizza stone, as the stone can absorb it and then crack when heated. Use the scraper side of a pizza oven brush to loosen the ash and food debris from inside the oven; use the brush side to clean the oven walls. After you've loosened everything, use an oven cleaning-broom or hand brush to get it all out of the oven to dispose of. Be sure to remove food residue from beneath the oven doors as well.

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyors ovens are probably the most difficult type of pizza oven to clean due to all the nooks and crannies. Therefore, it's important to clean it everyday, so the debris doesn't build up. When cleaning a conveyor oven, take some extra time to make sure there are no leftover crumbs or debris that might affect the flavor, texture and smell of your pizza. Remove the conveyor belt and apply a cleaner (check with manufacturer for the type of cleaner) to loosen the stuck debris; set it aside while you clean the inside of the oven. Remove and clean the fingers of the oven as well, as oil, cheese and crumbs can easily get stuck during baking. Spray the fingers down with cleaner and set aside as well. When you're done cleaning the inside of the oven, brush away any loosened debris from the belt and fingers. Then wash and dry them before re-installing in the oven. Clean the control box as well, but be sure not to use any liquid cleaners on it.

Brick Ovens

Brick ovens take a lot longer to cool off than other types of ovens, so extra careful when dealing with them. Start by scraping off any debris. For difficult spills, you can use a dampened cloth to loosen the grease/debris. It's important to clean up spills as they occur (after the oven is cooled), so it doesn't build up into a more resistant form. Even if there are no visible spills or debris, you'll want to wipe the oven down to maintain cleanliness. Don't forget to also clean the exhaust stacks monthly, as they can develop a layer of soot that affects the safety of operating your pizza oven. It can also affect the flavor of your pizza.

Pizza Oven Maintenance

In addition to regularly cleaning your pizza oven, be sure to clean the air intakes and grease the oven bearings. If you experience any issues with your pizza oven, give Fast Fix LLC a call at 573-544-0456. We're here for all your Missouri and Western Illinois restaurant equipment repair needs. Providing honest, reliable and professional service, Fast Fix LLC is your expert restaurant equipment service provider in Missouri and Western Illinios. One Call to Fast Fix does it all!

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