8 Most Commonly Missed Places When Cleaning A Restaurant Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to keep your restaurant equipment in tip-top shape is to clean it frequently. While there are obvious places that need wiped down, there are many places that easily get over looked. Fast Fix LLC has created a list of some of the areas most commonly missed during the kitchen cleaning process.

1. Underneath and Behind Equipment. 

It's obvious that the tops of equipment needs to be wiped down, they are probably the part of equipment that sees the most food, grease, etc. Unfortunately, food and grease can easily fall or splatter onto the side of equipment and underneath it. Since these places are less obvious to need cleaning, it can get pretty dirty down there. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind is definitely not a saying you want to use when it comes to restaurant kitchens. Bacteria and vermin will be attracted to food scraps that are hiding behind and below your equipment. In addition, health inspectors are going to check these areas too! Be sure to add these spaces to your routine cleaning checklist.

2. Refrigeration Coils. 

If a refrigerators coils are dirty, the equipment has to work harder to keep the unit cool, which can result in uneven internal temperatures. You don't want the temperature to fluctuate too much because the food can spoil. Our recommendation would be to have your employees wheel out the refrigerator once a month to dust the coils  and keep the back of any refrigeration units clean and in good working order.

3. Wall Splashes. 

If fryer oil, tomato sauce or some other liquid splashes on the wall, it's important to clean it up as soon as possible. Bacteria can grow on these splatters and depending on the area, fruit flies or other pests may be attracted to the residue. In addition, it's a lot easier to clean up a splash or splatter immediately after it happens and before it dries.

4. Meat Slicer. 

While the top of the meat slicer blade probably gets cleaned often, employees might overlook the underside of the blade. This area comes into contact with food as well and should be cleaned just as often as the top. It's important to wipe down both sides of the blade between different cuts of meat to avoid cross-contamination. In addition, the entire meat slicer should be taken apart daily to make sure all the food bits get cleaned out so bacteria doesn't grow. 

5. Beverage Dispenser Heads. 

Mold, bacteria and fruit flies all love sugar! The beverage dispenser heads will be covered in residual sugar after being used all day. Make it a habit to remove and clean them daily. This will prevent bacteria from taking up residence in your beverage machine overnight.

6. Fans and Lighting. 

Fan blades are known for attracting dust and while it may not seem like an important place to clean, you don't want that dust falling onto other areas of your restaurant and kitchen when you turn them on. While it may be a pain to keep them clean, it doesn't take long to wipe them down, and this should be added to your routine cleaning checklist. It's also a good idea to dust everywhere else after the fans have been cleaned to pick up any dust that may have returned to the air and settled on the kitchen equipment.

7. Ice Machine. 

The places where food is prepared are the most obvious places to clean each day. However, its important that you don't disregard other areas of the kitchen. Many people forget that ice is actually a food and consumption of ice that's been contaminated can lead to food poisoning. Regularly cleaning the ice machine, the ice storage bin and any scoops that are used in them, will ensure a healthy, contaminant-free product.

8. Trashcans and Dumpster Areas. 

The trashcan is where food, dirt, etc. is supposed to go, but that doesn't mean we should overlook those areas when cleaning. These areas are attractive to rodents, vermin and bacteria that are difficult to control once they move in. Make sure that your garbage areas stay clean and tidy. Wipe down the outside of the bins, keep the lids closed and make sure bags of trash stay inside the dumpster. Be sure not to leave any waste on the ground. Not only does a clean dumpster smell better, it makes your business more inviting.

By keeping your restaurant kitchen clean and tidy, you can extend the life of your equipment. Unfortunately, things do happen to equipment and in the event you need restaurant equipment repairs in Missouri or Western Illinois, we're here to help. Fast Fix LLC offers 24/7 emergency service as well as warranty and other service work. Give us a call at 573-254-3748 for all your Missouri commercial kitchen equipment maintenance and repair needs.

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