7 Reasons You NEED a Make Up Air Unit

If you have a restaurant in the Missouri area, and you don’t know what a make up air unit is, we can help. Your make up air unit for your kitchen adds replacement air for what’s being drawn out of the kitchen by your exhaust hoods. These units will pull air into your space from the outdoors and it conditions it to the indoor temperature. Here are seven reasons that your St. Louis restaurant needs a make up air unit, and how Fast Fix LLC can help.

Unpleasant Odors
A make up air unit gives you the option to better control the airflow in your kitchen. Which also allows you to direct cooking odors away from where your customers are trying to enjoy their meal. This in and of itself is an excellent reason to make sure that you have a make up air unit installed, and that it’s working properly.

Negative Air Pressure
Air balance problems happen because the replacement air from your exhaust isn’t adequate. This can cause HVAC issues in your restaurant and will result in drafts, doors that don’t open properly, or doors that slam shut without warning. Not only can distracting whines, whistles, and rattles of the uncontrolled drafts cause uncomfortable dining experiences, but even worse, dust can be blown around and even end up in the food.

Back Drafting
When you experience the negative air pressure that we covered above, you will also find that back drafting can be experienced. Your restaurant was designed with draft stacks or chimneys. These systems are meant to vent dangerous carbon monoxide and other byproducts from your heating systems and cooking appliances. The take away is that if you don't have a make up air unit, the negative air pressure could be causing back drafting of the hazardous and dangerous substances, which s bad for both your employees and your customers.

HVAC Problems
If your chimneys are not drafting properly, you will also find that problems with your heating systems start to show up. Your pilot lights may extinguish and then cause damage to your stacks and heat exchangers.

Excess Kitchen Grease
If your exhaust isn’t working well, you’ll find that more grease starts to build up on the surfaces in your kitchen. Then your staff will have to spend more time cleaning - this costs you more money all around.

Higher Energy Bills
If your restaurant is lacking replacement air, it can lead to unbalanced heating and cooling conditions. The measures that are commonly taken to mediate those problems can actually make matters worse and your utility bills will increase.

Poorly Performing Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
If you don’t have a make up air unit for your kitchen, your exhaust hoods don’t do their job correctly. The lack of air supply can increase the static pressure, and in short, lowers the area that the equipment can remove from your kitchen.

Fast Fix Can Help!

If you need a make up air unit installed in your Missouri kitchen, Fast Fix is here to help! Our team of professionals are fast and efficient, we can fix most any appliance or system in your commercial kitchen, AND we have excellent hours. From maintenance agreements to emergency services, our commercial equipment repair company in Missouri can help. We service most areas in mid-Missouri, like Columbia, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and the Lake of the Ozarks, as well as Western Illinois. Visit our website to learn more about our commercial kitchen equipment repairs in St. Louis, or give us a call. We look forward to serving your kitchen or restaurant!

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