Keeping Your Commercial Oven Up to Par

A commercial oven can be a HUGE investment. Not only in investment up front but in the time it takes to keep it maintained and in good working order. At Fast Fix LLC, we realize how important it is for your oven to be not just working, but exceeding expectations through high-level performance. But this means that there are a few things that need to be accomplished. Here are a few chores you can keep on top of to maintain the integrity of your commercial oven.

Inspect it Regularly

After your oven is installed, the door’s seal must be in pristine condition. Eventually, though, it will wear down in the long run, and this will affect the efficiency of your appliance. Are you noticing that certain foods are taking longer to cook? Keeping the seal in good condition is also a great way to keep the energy costs down. If you want to protect the seal, be careful when shutting the oven’s door. If you close it too hard, it may speed up the time in which the seal fails to seal.

Keep the Thermostat Calibrated

Just because the thermostat of your oven shows a temperature does not mean that’s what the oven is really heated up to. If the calibration is off one way or the other, it can cause problems in the kitchen. Either your food isn’t being cooked as thoroughly as you thought, or it will overcook quickly causing food waste and extra overhead cost in ingredients. Checking the calibration monthly can help catch problems before they occur.

Keep The Inside Clean

Making sure that restaurant equipment is always clean is obviously key. This keeps your customers happy and ensures that your kitchen stays open. Liquids and food particles will fall at the bottom of your oven and their aromas will actually combine with smoke to affect the dish’s flavor that is currently in the oven. This is probably not news to you, but it’s still just as important. The interior of your oven needs to be cleaned daily in order to make sure that you're producing high-quality food. Check your product manual to make sure that you are using the products they recommend for cleaning your oven.

As a restaurant owner, it’s important to find easy ways to manage the cost of running a large commercial kitchen in Missouri. One of the easiest and most efficient ways is to make sure that your equipment is in good working order. You will have to make fewer emergency calls to your appliance repair company in St. Louis, and you will have fewer days where the oven is out of commission, which affects your menu options. It’s a win, win all around! Of course, if something does happen, and your oven is in nee dog emergency repairs, Fast Fix is here for you! One call does it all. Our highly trained professionals can help and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

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