How to Clean & Maintain Your Rotisserie Oven

While not as common as stoves or fryers, some commercial kitchens use rotisseries for cooking chicken. These unique pieces of equipment require daily cleaning and maintenance to keep them working properly. Today's blog from Fast Fix LLC offers some tips for cleaning and maintaining rotisserie ovens.

Cleaning Your Rotisserie Oven

While you should clean every piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen each day, it's especially important to clean your rotisseries daily to maintain good performance. In order to do so, you will need a bucket of water with non-chlorinated soap, a spray bottle of floor and wall cleaner, a spray bottle of food-safe sanitizer, a bottle of food-safe coating spray, a scrub pad, a clean cloth, a squeegee, safety goggles, oven cleaning gloves and possibly a razor blade scraper.

Cleaning Prep
After the last cooking cycle of the day, be sure to power off the rotisserie. Make sure to let it cool off for at least 15 minutes before attempting to clean it. Place an empty gallon bucket under the drain, open the valve and drain the drip pan. You'll want to remove the grate covering the drip pan and use the squeegee to remove all the grease from the inside of the equipment. You'll also want to remove the "jet plate" that covers the fans in the top of the rotisserie. This, along with the grates, will need to be washed.

Once you've removed the grease and food debris, spray the inside of the rotisserie windows with the floor and wall cleaner. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before wiping it clean. Never use scouring pads or oven cleaner on the rotisserie windows. If applicable, clean fireplace glass with non-chlorinated soap and water, using a razor blade scraper if necessary. Wipe down the inside walls of the oven with soapy water. Never use a hose or water jet; you don't want to get too much water in there in places where water shouldn't be. Clean all parts of the rotisserie oven with spray cleaner.

Post Cleaning 
Once you've cleaned all parts of the rotisserie oven, and removed all grease from the bottom of the oven, wipe down all surfaces with a dry towel. Then spay the rotisserie wheels with sanitizer and allow it to air dry. Spray the rest of the oven with sanitizer as well, being careful not to spray the burner, ignitor or temperature probe. Again, allow to air dry. Follow the sanitation step by spraying the upper surfaces of the oven, along with the replaced grates, with coating spray. Use the same caution not to spray the burner, ignitor or temperature probe. Spray the fan blades with coating spray as well as both sides of the jet plate before re-installing it. Preheat the oven for 5 minutes to seal the food-safe coating. Be sure to shut off the oven again after that. In addition, examine the vent hood and fireplace flue (if applicable) for signs of sooting/blockage.

If any problems with your rotisserie are suspected, call your trusted Missouri commercial food-service equipment repair company. We are here for 24/7 emergency service, as well as warranty work needed. Give us a call at 573-544-0456 to schedule repairs or sign up for one of our maintenance plans.

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