Gas vs. Electric Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When opening a new restaurant, you have the option of purchasing gas equipment or electric equipment. There are advantages to both types of equipment. In today's blog, your Missouri restaurant equipment repair specialists discuss a few of the reasons you might choose gas over electric or vice versa. Knowing and understanding the differences can help you make the best decision for your restaurant.

Advantages of Gas Commercial Kitchen Equipment 

While gas equipment is likely going to cost more initially, you have to consider gas prices vs electric prices for the utility bills, as well as the other benefits. Let's take a look at a few of the advantages of gas equipment:
  • Lower operation costs, as gas prices are typically cheaper than electric prices
  • Precise control over how hot it gets, through control of the flow of gas with a knob
  • No waiting time for an element to heat up, as the flame lights immediately 
  • Gas equipment cools more quickly, meaning less ambient heat during idle periods
    less ambient heat produced during idle periods
    less ambient heat produced during idle periods
  • Gas equipment will likely still work during a power outage 
  • Spread-out heat from the flame allows for faster cook times 
  • Gas equipment can reach much higher temperatures

Advantages of Electric Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Gas has been the more popular option in most commercial kitchens, but electric equipment has it's benefits too. Let's take a look at a few of the advantages of electric equipment:
  • Lower initial equipment costs 
  • Easier installation 
  • Electricity is generally more efficient than gas, as gas vapors tend to escape
  • Electric ovens tend to cook more evenly 
  • Less heat escaping, which leads to a cooler kitchen and lower HVAC costs
  • No danger of a gas leak producing harmful fumes in your kitchen and/or dining area

Questions to Ask Yourself  

In addition to considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type of equipment, you should ask yourself a few questions. Below is a list of questions to help you decide which type of equipment might be best for your restaurant and your situation:
  • How often will you operate your equipment? Will your restaurant be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just a few hours? 
  • At what time of day will you be operating your restaurant equipment, morning, afternoon, evening? 
  • Where is your restaurant located, in the city or a rural area? 
  • Will you need to move your appliances around frequently? 
  • What is the utility bill cost difference between electric and gas? 
  • How long will it take to break even with electric or gas equipment?

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