Don't Get Caught Serving Foam this St. Pat's Day!

Have you ever noticed how draught drinks always taste a little bit different everywhere you go? Not something we really want to think about when ordering a drink, but a lot of the reason is based on the maintenance of the tap system. How well-maintained or how often a tap system is maintained can have a major effect on the taste factor of the product. So what are some ways you can ensure your restaurant equipment in the Missouri and western Illinois area is producing the best quality draughts for your patrons? Fast Fix LLC has a list of things that you should be checking regularly to make sure your tap system is consistently at its best.

Is Coldest Really Best?

Roughly 90% of draught problems are temperature related. Typically kegs should be stored at a temperature ranging between 36-38℉. The lines should be insulated or refrigerated to maintain flow temperature. If the temperature is too warm, this could cause the flow to be too fast and cause excessive foam and a bad taste. If it's too cold, the flow will be too slow causing the beverage to be flat and less flavorful. Keep in mind that different beers are better served at different temperatures. To make sure you're serving your beer at the correct temperature, check with your distributor or the brewery itself.

Under Pressure

Most tap systems are dispensed using CO2 pressure. Trust me when I say this is just as important, if not MORE important, as having your temperature correct. If you don't have control of your carbonation, you risk losing up to 25% of your product as a result of foaming. An inaccurate pressure can result in either under or over carbonation, which means you're either going to have really flat beer or super foamy beer. Most breweries advise a CO2 pressure between 12-14, but this of course will vary depending on the beer you're serving.

When's the Last Time you Cleaned your Tap?

Not only is maintaining tap system cleanliness important for health safety reasons, but it's also good for keeping your draught pouring and tasting great. Beer is made up of many organic compounds that after a lot of use can build up in the lines and fixtures of your tap system. If not cleaned regularly this can affect the flavor and smoothness of the pour. Clean your tap lines regularly by using a caustic solution in the lines and by hand-washing the couplers and faucets. From time to time you should clean your lines more extensively with an acid cleaner. For preventative maintenance for your commercial equipment in Missouri, Fast Fix recommends having your tap system professionally cleaned and serviced annually.

Now that you have these easy maintenance tips to keep your tap system producing quality draughts, time to prepare for St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Good quality beverages will keep those thirsty patrons returning time and again. No time to maintain your tap system on your own? No problem. Give the best restaurant equipment service provider in Missouri and western Illinois a call. We'll get your taps smoothly pouring in no time!

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