The Missouri Restaurant Association

Fast Fix LLC is a proud member of the Missouri Restaurant Association. The Missouri Restaurant Association is a state wide trade association representing over 1500 member establishments. Membership is diverse, and includes full-service luxury restaurants, hotels, institutions, fast-foods, schools, contract feeders and ancillary food service such as in theme parks and sports stadiums. In today's blog, you'll learn more about the association and what it means to be a member.

History of the Missouri Restaurant Association

The restaurant trade association movement traces back to Missouri. In 1916, local business owners banded together to resist encroachment on their own business. The Kansas City Business Men's Association was the forerunner of the restaurant movement in America. Members of this organization went on to establish both the Missouri and the National Restaurant Associations. In 1919, restaurateurs from across the country came together to form the Nation Restaurant Association. It was headquartered in Kansas City until 1926, when it moved the Chicago. In 1935, charters were granted to both the Missouri Restaurant Association and the St. Louis Restaurant Association. Several other city associations continued to exist until 1958, when efforts began to combine into one statewide organization. In 1962, the Kansas City and St. Louis associations agreed to affiliate as chapters of the Missouri Restaurant Association, and thus the statewide association as we know it today was born.

The Missouri Restaurant Association Today

Through the years, the Missouri Restaurant Association has expanded and grown. A strong board representing the geographic interests of the state unites it. Eight local affiliate chapters now cover the entire state. Membership has remained steady, currently boasting over 1500 member establishments. The Missouri Restaurant Association is unique among trade associations, with the high level of member involvement in the association's activities. The development of member services has been steady and significant. A hospitalization insurance program was initiated in the 1960s, followed by a credit card program in the early 1970s. The monthly MRA E-Newsletter has been continually upgraded and is looked upon by members as the most effective means of communication. An effective Government Affairs program has become one of the most significant services offered to members. The development of, and continued emphasis on member services, plus a commitment to chapter organizations and a high level of member involvement has made the Missouri Restaurant Association among the five largest restaurant associations in the nation. It is nationally recognized for its effectiveness, professionalism and level of service.

As a member of the Missouri Restaurant Association, Fast Fix LLC has access to a powerful and knowledgeable group of industry advocates. Through a variety of member services, resources and business-building tools, the organization helps restaurant industry businesses like ours grow and thrive. For all your Missouri restaurant equipment repair needs, give us a call at 573-544-0456!

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