The Difference Between Planned and Preventative Maintenance

What's the difference between planned maintenance and preventative maintenance? To many people, they may seem like the same thing, but to those of us in the Missouri food-service equipment repair industry, those phrases have different meanings that need to be understood by those running kitchens across the state. Fast Fix LLC is here to help you understand the difference between preventative and planned maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is maintenance performed regularly on a piece of equipment to decrease the chance of it failing. This type of maintenance is done while the equipment is still working, rather than after it starts having problems. By performing preventative maintenance on restaurant equipment in Missouri, you're less likely to experience equipment breaking down unexpectedly. However, those of us servicing that equipment know that everything fails eventually, and you can never actually completely "prevent" a piece of equipment from breaking down. This brings us to our next point about planned maintenance.

Planned Maintenance 

Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining your equipment, where maintenance is scheduled to take place on a regular basis. Planned maintenance includes everything from changing out filters and belts to visually inspecting everything for leaks or mechanical components that are out of alignment. You could compare this type of maintenance to that which is done on your car, like changing the oil and rotating your tires. While this won't stop a breakdown from ever happening, it can stop premature failures, extend the life of your equipment and ensure your kitchen is running at top efficiency.

Maintaining Your Kitchen 

In a restaurant kitchen, the level of efficiency of your equipment is crucial to operation. If your fryers aren't working properly, it takes longer to cook the fries and you end up with grease-soaked potatoes instead of crisp french fries. What customer wants soggy, grease-soaked fries? None! In addition, pieces of equipment that aren't operating properly can draw more electricity causing your electric bill to increase. Therefore, planned maintenance can do more than just decrease the chances of your equipment breaking down prematurely, it could save you money on utilities and produce better food for your customers.

Maintenance Plans from Fast Fix LLC 

Fast Fix LLC offers maintenance plans to keep your kitchen healthy! Our maintenance agreements are conducted on an individual basis. An information list is available outlining what we do to promote the health of your kitchen. Some of our most common customers include restaurants, schools, nursing homes, etc. For honest, reliable, professional restaurant equipment maintenance in Western Illinois and Missouri, give us a call at 573-254-3748.

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