Commercial Food-Service Equipment Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid needing major food-service equipment repair in Missouri and Western Illinois. At Fast Fix LLC, we offer maintenance agreements on an individual basis. An information list is available outlining what we do to promote the health of your commercial kitchen. Here are a few of the types of businesses we service on a regular basis:

Major Restaurants 

When you think of food-service equipment, the most popular business that might need our services would definitely be restaurants. No matter what type of food you prepare at your restaurant, you're going to need equipment to either store the food before it's ready to be used or to actually cook the food that you'll be serving. From fryers and grills to commercial refrigeration units and prep tables, restaurants require a lot of kitchen equipment and that equipment, no matter how great the brand or how expensive, will eventually need some maintenance or repair. 

School Districts 

Another type of business that uses food-service equipment a lot would be schools. School cafeterias prepare two meals a day for hundreds of students, sometimes even thousands of students in larger districts. With that amount of use, something is bound to go wrong with the kitchen equipment. While a restaurant may have the option of temporarily shutting down or not serving a certain dish when a piece of equipment goes out, schools can't just not feed the children. There are meal options that don't involve much cooking, but it's very important that a school's kitchen equipment be maintained and if something does break, a Missouri kitchen equipment repair technician is just a phone call away! 

Senior Care Centers

Senior Care Centers also produce a lot of food for their residents. Just like with a school, they prepare meals every day in their kitchens. If their food service equipment were to break down, its vital that they have someone who they can call for 24/7 emergency service. In addition, proper maintenance can keep those emergencies from happening in the first place. It's always a good idea to get minor repairs fixed before they turn into something much bigger.

If you're the owner or know the owner of one of these types of businesses, give Fast Fix LLC a call. In addition to emergency repair, we also offer maintenance agreements to promote the health of your kitchen. For all your Missouri and Western Illinois food-service equipment repair and maintenance needs, we've got you covered!

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